SPONSORED: Betty Louise Life Services: Helping residents remain in their own homes


When a loved one is sick or struggling, it can be difficult for them to remain in their own home.

“Especially in a community like this, where family and home matters, the desire to stay home and keep loved ones home is very strong,” said Lacey Hincks, business manager for Betty Louise Life Services, LLC.

Since the hospital discontinued its home care and hospice services last year, it left a void in the community. That's why Betty Louise Life Services was created: To provide health care and home services for residents throughout Park and Big Horn counties.

“Our goal is to provide quality care for anyone and everyone — no matter where you live in the Basin,” Hincks said.

Named in honor of Betty Louise Stroschein, it was founded by Betty's daughter, Teresa Wagner, and granddaughters, Hincks and Jenna Diaz. They saw how great the need was for home services in Powell and surrounding communities.

Betty was dedicated to helping others in her rural community in Idaho.

“At the end of her life, she had some great health care professionals who were there for her and for her family,” said Hincks.

Now, they plan do to the same for other families, whether a loved one is facing a serious illness or simply needs some help to remain at home.

“We are going to offer a multitude of services — that’s why we call ourselves life services instead of home health or senior services,” Hincks said.

For example, they offer housekeeping services for the general public.

“People who use our housekeeping services will be helping us offset the challenges that running home health in a large rural area can bring about, including keeping our health services more affordable,” Hincks said.

Caretaker services include companion care, homemaker services, respite care, medication administration, meal preparation, errands/shopping, and skilled nursing services.

They also plan to work with other health-care providers in the area to form a network.

“We're not here to step on anyone else's toes with health care services,” Diaz said. “We're just trying to fulfill a need, and Medicare is one of the biggest needs around here.”

Betty Louise Life Services is currently accepting private pay, and working toward Medicaid, Medicare, VA, and many insurance companies.

“There’s a lot of younger people who need those services,” Wagner said. “It’s not a senior-business only.”

Wagner, supervising nurse, is a longtime local Registered Nurse with extensive experience working with elderly patients, including those with dementia. She was named the Long-term Care Nurse of the Year for Wyoming in 2009.

Diaz, operations manager, has worked in home health care as a caretaker and manager and is trained to work with Alzheimer’s patients.

Hincks’ background is in business strategy, and she will be using her experience toward their goal of greater affordability and accessibility to the entire region.

Betty Louise Life Services is in the process of state licensure, and will then begin providing a full-range of skilled nursing care.

They have seen a lot of support from the community, and especially want to thank Kindy Krei with Park County Public Health, Michelle Hoyt with Powell Valley Healthcare and Bruce Morse with the Wyoming Small Business Development Center Network.

“The community has been amazing,” Hincks said. “So many people have stepped up to support us.”