‘Rock of Ages’ at PHS Friday and Saturday


Decked out in 1980s fashion and plenty of hairspray, Powell High School theatre students will perform “Rock of Ages” this weekend.

Built around classic rock songs from the ’80s, the musical features songs from Bon Jovi, Styx, Journey, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister and other rock bands.

“Mostly, we chose the play because we believe that the students and our audience will appreciate the music,” said Bob Hunt, the play’s director.

Hunt said he grew up listening to ’80s hair bands, and Jeff Greaham, the vocal director, has experience touring with bands that played the songs in the show.

“We have both noticed that students still listen to ’80s rock and wear ’80s band T-shirts,” Hunt said. “There is still something in the music that resonates with high school students, and it will certainly resonate with parents who come to see the show.”

Though all of the students in the cast were born after 2000, most of them were familiar with a lot of the ‘80s songs in “Rock of Ages,” he said.

“Everyone knew songs like ‘Don’t Stop Believin,’ ‘We Built this City’ and ‘Every Rose Has its Thorn,’” Hunt said. “However, there were a few songs that not all of the students knew.”

Students also had to dust off their dancing shoes as they learned new dance routines. The choreographer, Madisen McDonald, “does a really nice job with the dance numbers,” Hunt said. Two student dance captains, Jaxton Braten and Rachel Bozell, also have helped.

“I am amazed at how quickly they pick up the choreography,” Hunt said.

He said the cast has a nice mixture of students who have been in past PHS plays and those performing in their first play.

“It is also just a really nice group of students,” Hunt said. “They really support each other and have great positive energy.”

The curtain rises at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights at the PHS Auditorium. Tickets are $6 for general admission and $5 for students.


Director — Bob Hunt

Vocal Direction — Jeff Greaham

Choreography — Madisen McDonald

Costumes, Makeup — Christi Greaham

Projection Design — Christi Greaham, Nic Fulton

Dance Coaches — Rachel Bozell and Jaxton Braten


Lonny — Nic Fulton

Justice — Kenadee Bott

Dennis — Grant Dillivan

Drew — Holden Wilson

Sherrie — Ashlyn Aguirre

Father — Devin Ott

Mother — Rachel Bozell

Joey Primo — Joe Kousoulos

Anita — Bailey Phillips

Mayor — Abigail Cubbage

Hilda — Lucy Sullivan

Franz — CJ Brown

Stacee — Aidan Hunt

Waitress 1 — Cierra Bridges

Waitress 2 — Abby Landwehr

Waitress 3 — Addy Moretti

Constance — Maggie Cappiello

Ja’Keith — Aaron Lind

Protestor 1 — Kaelin Crichton

Protestor 2 — Elisa Polson

Protestor 3 — Joelynn Petrie

Sleazy Producer — Jace Bohlman

Sleazier Producer — Jaxton Braten

Lead Guitarist — Takota Hammond

Drummer — Thallen Sessions

Bass Guitarist — Courtney Childers

Ensemble — Lily Halter, Emma Bucher, Crystal Emmett, Elisa Polson,  Juanita Martinez, Ashley Dunkerley

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