Out of rubber duck derby, two to win free shopping sprees at supermarkets


Two minutes to stuff a supermarket grocery cart await the grand prize winners of the 2019 Powell Tribune holiday shopping promotion Saturday.

And need we remind you? The two-minute “shopping sprees” at Mr. D’s Food Center and Blair’s Market are free to the fortunate duo!

The two lucky participants must first out-float the field in the Holiday Rubber Duck Derby, held Friday at 10 a.m. at the Powell Aquatic Center. Rubber ducks — representing winners drawn at each participating business in this year’s holiday shopping promotion — will bob down the PAC’s lazy river to the finish line.

The first place derby duck will win a two-minute shopping spree at Mr. D’s at 1 p.m. Saturday, and the second place derby duck will claim two minutes to comb the aisles of Blair’s Super Market at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

The third place finisher in the rubber duck derby wins $250 in Powell Bucks from the Powell Tribune.


Month-long registration

Entries for the culminating events of the holiday shopping promotion have been building for the last month. People have been encouraged to fill out an entry form and deposit it with any of the participating businesses since Nov. 19. Registration qualifies the entrant for a $100 value prize or gift certificate drawn by each participating business.

Winners at each business advance to the rubber duck derby, along with additional names drawn to fill out the derby field. Ducks in the derby will be identified by number only, though the number code will be known to sponsors.

Check below to see if your name was drawn to advance to the derby!


Come watch the derby

People are encouraged to observe Friday’s rubber duck derby. Tanya Bonner, co-director of the PAC, said the float in the current of the lazy river shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes.

“We’ll have a group of middle schoolers there as an audience. Others are welcome,” she said.

The rubber ducks will be put in the lazy river current “and ushered on their way with noodles as needed,” she said.


Shopping spree Saturday

Both Powell supermarkets view the two-minute events in their stores as a way of saying thanks to the community.

“The Mr. D’s family is proud to serve our community and continue to offer exceptional service, saving Powell residents time and money,” said Kami Scott, general manager of Mr. D’s. “This is an awesome and fun way to give back to the community. From the Mr. D’s family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.”

Store director Kyle Foulger said Blair’s is thrilled to be part of the shopping spree giveaway.

“We are proud to be able to participate in a wonderful community-building event like this,” he said. “The support from our friends and neighbors is amazing, and we are grateful for the opportunity to return the favor to a lucky winner.”

Certain restrictions are in place for the two-minute sprees at each store: At Mr. D’s, liquor, beer, tobacco, items on aisle 5 and gift cards are excluded from the two-minute spree. A limit of three products from the fresh meat department will be applied.

Exclusions from the spree at Blair’s include tobacco, liquor and gift cards. A limit is applied on the number of any one item, including meat.

Prize winners will be contacted shortly after Friday’s rubber duck derby and the results announced on the Tribune’s Facebook page.

— Dave Bonner



Powell Aquatic Center:

1. Natalie Fink — Also won 2 Punch Passes to the PAC

2. Steele Carman

3. Nicki Olson

4. Stacey Bear

5. Kerri Kolb

6. Maureen Geiger

7. Judy Buckingham

8. Becky Burbank

Fremont Motors:

9. Clarlyn Snyder — Also won $100 Gift Certificate

10. Ingrid Eickstedt

11. Gregg Randall

12. Bob Eichenberger

13. Rhonda Faulkner

14. Charlene Paben

15. Jon Sheets

16. Jan Cronin

17. Tracey MacDonald

18. Tracey Wichman

Mr. D's:

19. Phylles Harper

20. Jolene Vanderpool

21. Kay Andrae

22. Kris Green

23. Shirley Cox

24. Majorie Parker

Blair's Super Market:

25. Linda Yates — Also won $100 Gift Card

26. Dustin Short

27. Connie Vunk

28. Scott Althoff

29. Vivian Averett

30. Jolene Grace

31. Margaret Hallowell

32. Jenny Gardner

33. Heather McNair

34. Deb Nielsen

35. Teresa Cheers

36. Kateri Schneider

37. Mary Smalley

38. Char Kline

39. Laura Riggs

40. Mark Snyder

41. Dave Dalke

42. Diane Miller

Mountain West Computer:

43. Jill Smith — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

44. Kalee Goolsbey

45. Lauren Tophoj

46. Barb Loyning

47. Bev Huggins

48. Cherie Wambeke


49. Chris Warner — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

50. Jerry Maneval

51. Gina Vogel

52. Bert Nazer

53. Heidi Christenson

54. Maria Aagard

55. Doug Huggins

56. Leon Walker

57. Sandy Cordes

58. Vivian Berett

59. Trish Moulton

60. Vanderpool W.

61. Beth Feketi

62. Brad Schwab

63. Beth French

64. Kathy Walker

65. Sage Miears

66. Connie Stebner


67. Savanna Nash — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

68. David Klingler

69. Kris Green

70. Juana Gras

71. Linus Killinger

72. Sharon Wagner

Lamplighter Inn:

73. Ginger Langdon — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

74. Dave Baker

75. Paris Maddox

76. Roger Brunk

77. Mike Kopriva

78. Kerry Nordland

79. Shelly Lehman

80. Sharon Noh

81. Cecil Schiltz

82. Lee Meador

83. Gary Butts

84. Jimmy Rodger

85. Christi Davis

86. Charlene Paben

87. Rich Westrick

88. Shane Jepson

89. Ginger Diver

90. John Wasden

Marquis Awards:

91. Tom Sullivan — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

92. Sharon Utter

93. Chanler Buck

94. Terry Ziehl

95. Michael Simkins

96. Diane Svaty

Heart Mountain Hearing Center:

97. Mike Kropatch — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

98. Mac Black

99. Susie Wilkerson

100. Frederick Johannsen

101. Susan Easterday

102. Valerie Hieb

103. Jan Warren

104. Sue Wise

105. Cindy Fannon

106. Rodney Van Pelt

107. Jim Hillberry

108. Lauren Tophoj

109. Michael Wirtzberger

110. Lola Padilla

111. Alan Skalsky

112. Jack Kellogg

113. Char Anderson

114. Alex Johnstone

Ginger's Salon:

115. Joey Mickelson — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

116. Chris Croy

117. May Rekowski

118. Sara Boardman

119. Karen Carter

120. Rita Schultz

Rayven's Flowers and Gifts:

121. Coleen Smith — Also won (2) $50 Bouquets

122. Sharon Land

123. Katie Jensvold

124. Carol Kary

125. Bev Huggins

126. Janie Faxon

Sleeping Giant:

127. Deb Christiansen — Also won (4) Lift Ticket Vouchers

128. Nora Brazelton

129. Shirley Colyar

130. Marie Bucher

131. Judy Killen

132. Steve Jackson

133. Tina Vanden Broek

134. Jacquelyn Wasser

135. Jill Smith

136. James Rekowski

Powell Drug:

137. Marilyn Faber — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

138. Lee-Ann Freire

139. Karen Lesher

140. Lee Meadol

141. Karen Lesher

142. Diane Svaty

143. Joe Saldana

144. Marilyn Wintermote


145. Travis Miller — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

146. Roger Easum

147. Monte Eck

148. Ronald See

149. Michelle Bost

150. Connie Comer

White Ink:

151. Annette George — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

152. Mike Walsh

153. Angela Zamundo

154. Kim Mauthe

155. Dianne Rentschler

156. Kerry Nordland

157. Kate Goolsbey

158. Maggie Gilbert

Haskell Furniture & Flooring (Lovell):

159. Keeli Savage — Also won a $50 Gift Certificate

160. Anne Tippetts

161. Todd Mauthe

Haskell Furniture & Flooring (Cody):

162. Bryce Fauskee — Also won a $50 Gift Certificate

163. Barb Fulton

164. Jeff Miller

Mountain Home Interiors:

165. Jenna Dalton — Also won a $100 Gift Certificate

166. Judy Helty

167. Shelby Plena

168. Christine Dell Isla

169. Candy Palmersheim

170. Beth Anne Reiter

McGlathery's Back Porch Designs:

171. Dave Burke — Also won a $75 Arrangement and $50 Gift Certificate

172. Lottie Saldana

173. Linda Dandy

174. Heidi Knop