Powell High School honors student-athletes

Creed, Hanks named Senior Athletes of Year


It was a memorable year for Powell High School athletics, as students were recognized for their accomplishments both in competition and in the classroom at the 2017-18 Athletic Awards Night last month.

Awards were handed out for both fall and winter sports, in categories including Most Valuable, Most Improved and Most Inspirational. PHS Activities Director Tim Wormald served as Master of Ceremonies, with dinner served courtesy of the Powell Athletic Roundtable. Wormald opened his monologue by sharing a personal anecdote about being a father whose own kids are just beginning their athletic careers.

“I’m not sure how much to push my kids, so one of the things I’m struggling with is how to push them when they don’t seem to be that motivated,” Wormald said. “I’m also not sure what kind of advice to give them when their ambitions seem to exceed their abilities.”

After investigating the matter further and reading the most recent articles and blogs on the topic, Wormald said common themes became evident, including staying focused on the right things and having realistic expectations.

“When we focus on the wrong things, all of us, except for a very few, will be disappointed by sports,” he said. “When our focus is on the right things, the chances of us having a great experience with sports increases drastically ... I’m no expert on parenting, but this idea to focus on growth and not gain really resonates with me. It helps to define my definition of success in athletics. ... The students we celebrate tonight have earned this recognition by taking advantage of the growth opportunities that sports provide. It is my honor to be a part of recognizing their efforts.”

Eleven multi-sports medallion award winners were honored: Silver medals went to Kacey Creed, Jesse Erickson, Aspen Aguirre, Maddy Hanks and JuliaKay O’Neill. Bronze medallions were given to Brooks Asher, Max Gallagher, A.J. Lewis, Jace Smith, Emily Sweet and Jordan Walsh.

Team awards were handed out next, recognizing participants in cross country, volleyball tennis, football, golf, girls swimming, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, boys swimming, cheerleading and dance.


Cliff Boos (Ashley Hildebrand)


Most Valuable: Alan Merritt

Most Improved: Jayden Yates

Most Inspirational: Jesse Erickson


Most Valuable: Kayla Kolpitcke

Most Improved: Abby Landwehr

Most Inspirational: Gracen Curtis


Randi Bonander (Tasha Miller, George Laughlin)

Most Valuable: Aubrie Stenerson

Most Improved: Jazlyn Haney

Most Inspirational: Hartly Thorington


Joe Asay (Brandon Preator)


Lars Bly Most Valuable: Rhett Pimental

Most Improved: Aidan Jacobsen

Most Inspirational: James Sheets


Lars Bly Most Valuable: Hattie Pimental

Most Improved Girl: Heidi Barrus

Most Inspirational Girl: Lauren Asher


Chanler Buck (Mike Heny, Waleryan Wisniewski, Nevin Jacobs, Chase Kistler, Zack Coombs)

Most Valuable: A.J. Lewis

Most Improved: Randal Watson

Most Inspirational: Trent Desjarlais

Lee Blocking Award: Max Gallagher


Troy Hildebrand


Most Valuable: Rob Sessions

Most Improved: Treven Keeler/Crandall Sanders

Most Inspirational: Reece Hackenberg


Most Valuable: Mycah Wainscott

Most Improved: Kaitlyn Church


Bob Smartt (Heather Christensen)

Most Valuable: Caitlyn Miner

Most Improved: Rachel Kuntz

Most Inspirational: Kendyl Bohlman


Chase Kistler (Waleryan Wisniewski, Greg Stenlund)

Kevin Rickert Memorial/Most Valuable: Jace Smith

Most Improved: Zachary Meredith

Most Inspirational: Trent Desjarlais

Free Throw Award: Luke Washington


Scott McKenzie (Troy Hildebrand, Chelsea Peak)

Most Valuable: Rachel Bonander

Most Improved: Ashtyn Heny

Most Inspirational: Maddy Hanks

Free Throw Award: Aubrie Stenerson


Nate Urbach (Nick Fulton, Juston Carter)

Most Valuable: Reese Karst

Most Improved: Brody Karhu

Most Inspirational: Emma Karhu


Stephanie Warren (Robert Gorycki)

Most Valuable: Kacey Creed/Hudson Wilkerson

Most Improved: Jared Fuller

Most Inspirational: Ben Cannizzaro


Vicki Walsh (Cindy Jacobs)

Most Valuable: Alyssa Gould

Most Improved: Scarlette Mendoza

Most Inspirational: Kailey Jurado


Victoria Danovsky

Most Valuable: Madyson Riedinger

Most Improved: Mackenzie Stearns

Most Inspirational: Delaney Jackson

The evening then finished up with a final round of awards:

Senior Athlete of the Year: Kacey Creed and Maddy Hanks

Dr. Ray Christensen “Stout Heart”: Brooks Asher and JuliaKay O’Neill

Gerald Sleep “Most Inspirational”: A.J. Lewis and Lauren Asher

US Army Reserve Scholar Athlete: Jesse Erickson and Hattie Pimental

US Marines Distinguished Athlete: Max Gallagher and Emma Andreasen

Powell Athletic Roundtable Jim Stringer Memorial Scholarship: A.J. Lewis