O'Halloran property


Notice of Disposition of Property
Persuant to Wyoming Statute 1-21-1210, Notice is hereby given to Ryan O’Halloran that property located at 754 E 5th St. including one gold colored Buick LeSabre and one burgandy colored Chevrolet Tahoe be removed from the property within seven (7) days. This property shall be considered abandoned and shall be disposed of after seven (7) days from the date of service of this notice if the renter or his agent does not, within the seven (7) day period, take possession of the property or notify the land owner in writing of the intent to take possession of the property. Responses are required to be mailed to Leif or Julie Ohman, 349 W 3rd St., Powell, WY. 82435.
Publ., Thurs., April 11, 2019