Zacheus Kyle Gebauer and Javan Paul Gebauer


(May 14, 2006)

Zacheus Kyle Gebauer and Javan Paul Gebauer, monoclonal identical twin sons of Levi and Whitney (Johnson) Gebauer of Greeley, Colo., were stillborn at University of Colorado Hospital in Denver, Colo., on May 14, 2006.

Memorial services were held at The Episcopal Chapel in Greeley. A premature birth of the twins at about seven months had been expected. The mother is the former Whitney Johnson of Powell.

Survivors include the parents of Greeley; grandparents, Vickie Johnson of Powell, Mark Sr. and Bobbi Gebauer of Mesa, Ariz., and Walt and Donna Hillard of Aberdeen, Wash.; uncles, Kyle Johnson of Powell, Mark Jr. and Oona Gebauer of Denver, and Joe and Rema Gebauer of Aberdeen, Wash.