Wrestling team continues to improve, 4-2 over weekend

Posted 1/26/21

Powell High School’s wrestlers put together two impressive showings at the end of last week, going 2-1 in both the Worland Quad and Lander Quad.  

The Panthers kicked things off …

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Wrestling team continues to improve, 4-2 over weekend


Powell High School’s wrestlers put together two impressive showings at the end of last week, going 2-1 in both the Worland Quad and Lander Quad. 

The Panthers kicked things off Thursday afternoon in Worland. Despite lacking several of the team’s key wrestlers, PHS put together an overall sound performance.

Just a week after falling to Cody at home, Powell was able to defeat the Broncs in the day’s first dual, 38-36. The Panthers flipped a few matches from their last meeting against Cody, including a key win from Karson Lamb in the 195-pound class. Powell also defeated Lovell 45-24.

“It was a good day for us,” head coach Nick Fulton said. “It was a good momentum builder for us, and we were just wrestling hard.”

PHS’ only defeat in Worland came against the hosts, falling 78-0 to the Warriors. Fulton described the performance as “disappointing,” but he was still pleased with how the Panthers competed overall.

The next day, the team was closer to full strength, with seniors Seth Horton and Riley Bennett competing.

Once again, PHS went 2-1 as a team. Powell earned victories over solid Rawlins and Mountain View teams, and the Panthers’ lone loss was a 38-36 defeat to a top-tier Pinedale squad. 

Coach Fulton noted how much his squad has grown since winter break. 

“They’re some up-and-coming teams, and they were nice wins for us,” he said. “We’re starting to gain confidence, and little by little, we’re turning a corner.”

PHS will venture south to Riverton Friday for a noon quad. There, the Panthers will compete against Lander Valley, Riverton and Cheyenne East. 

Facing off against three strong programs, Fulton sees this as another growth opportunity for his team. 

“This week will be a good test for us,” the coach said. “We’re moving in the right direction, and hopefully we can keep battling.”


Worland Quad:

Powell 38, Cody 36

106: Taylor Baggs (Cody) over Trey Freemen (Fall 0:29) 

120: Logan Werner over Ty Peterson (Cody) (Fall 0:54) 

126: Emma Karhu (Forfeit) 

132: Brent Childers (Forfeit) 

138: Mikey Timmons over Trenton Hubbs (Cody) (Fall 1:54) 

145: Jack Van Norman over Kale Mickelson (Cody) (Fall 2:46) 

152: Brady Deming (Cody) over Caleb Cruz (Fall 0:38) 

160: Jackson Wood (Cody) over Merced Jordan-Silva (Fall 0:28) 

170: Stetson Davis over William Thomasson (Cody) (Dec 6-4) 

182: Keaton Stone (Cody) over Lannon Brazelton (Fall 0:31) 

195: Karson Lamb over Collin Lindemann (Cody) (TF 15-0 3:10) 

220: Zac Barton (Cody) over Clayton Emmett (Fall 0:54) 

285: Danny Becker (Cody) over Nevan McDonald (Fall 1:43) 


Powell 45, Lovell 24

106: Trey Freemen (Forfeit) 

120: Logan Werner over Cardon Mickelson (Lovell) (Dec 9-6) 

126: Emma Karhu over Quin Carpenter (Lovell) (Fall 0:27) 

132: Brent Childers over Kyler Marchant (Lovell) (Fall 1:31) 

138: Asher Nicholson (Lovell) over Mikey Timmons (Fall 0:29) 

145: Jack Van Norman over Aden Nicholson (Lovell) (Fall 2:58) 

152: Landon Marchant (Lovell) over Caleb Cruz (Fall 5:58) 

160: Merced Jordan-Silva over Ryan Nunn (Lovell) (Fall 3:15) 

170: Myzek McArthur (Lovell) over Stetson Davis (Dec 16-9) 

182: Lannon Brazelton over Casen Hiser (Lovell) (Fall 3:02) 

195: Zane Collins (Lovell) over Karson Lamb (Dec 12-8) 

220: Rosendo Garcia (Lovell) over Clayton Emmett (Fall 2:49) 

285: Nevan McDonald (Forfeit) 


Worland 78, Powell 0

113: Kobe Swain (Worland) (Forfeit) 

120: Ross Goncalves (Worland) over Logan Werner (Fall 0:30) 

126: Kyle Anderson (Worland) over Emma Karhu (Fall 1:36) 

132: Kein Anderson (Worland) over Brent Childers (Fall 2:26) 

138: Gullian Comstock (Worland) over Mikey Timmons (Fall 3:33) 

145: Colton Woffinden (Worland) over Jack Van Norman (Fall 1:08) 

152: Aaron Carver (Worland) over Caleb Cruz (Fall 1:02) 

160: Luke Goncalves (Worland) over Merced Jordan-Silva (Fall 0:51) 

170: Josh Rose (Worland) over Stetson Davis (Fall 1:20) 

182: Ralph Moreno (Worland) over Lannon Brazelton (Fall 3:09) 

195: Lane McBee (Worland) over Karson Lamb (Fall 1:02) 

220: Christian Peterson (Worland) over Clayton Emmett (Fall 0:21) 

285: Koby Tigner (Worland) over Nevan McDonald (Fall 1:27) 


Lander Quad:

Powell 48, Mountain View (M.V.) 30

106: Trey Freemen (Forfeit) 

113: 120: Logan Werner over (M.V.) (Forfeit) 

126: Emma Karhu over Clay Walker (M.V.) (Fall 4:32) 

132: Gus Roden (M.V.) over Brent Childers (Fall 3:14) 

138: Tanner Collins (M.V.) over Mikey Timmons (Fall 1:20) 

145: Tyson Muir (M.V.) over Jack Van Norman (Fall 3:52) 

152: Seth Horton over Carson Eardley (M.V.) (Fall 1:46) 

160: Riley Bennett over Bodey Fraughton (M.V.) (Fall 0:21) 

170: Stetson Davis over Daniel Harris (M.V.) (Fall 5:19) 

182: Mark Walker (M.V.) over Lannon Brazelton (Fall 0:45) 

195: Karson Lamb over Colter Bindl (M.V.) (Fall 0:18) 

220: Clayton Emmett over Trever Condos (M.V.) (Fall 2:15) 

285: Coby Jones (M.V.) over Nevan McDonald (Fall 1:40) 


Pinedale 41, Powell 39

106: Eian Smith (Pinedale) over Trey Freemen (Fall 1:20) 

113: Jake Hammer (Pinedale) (Forfeit) 

120: Logan Werner over Fisher Vance (Pinedale) (Fall 1:31) 

126: Emma Karhu over Ethan Kemp (Pinedale) (Dec 12-9) 

132: Cody Phelps (Pinedale) over Brent Childers (Fall 1:28) 

138: Colton Gehlhausen (Pinedale) over Mikey Timmons (Fall 1:09) 

145: Taylor Richey (Pinedale) over Jack Van Norman (Fall 2:12) 

152: Seth Horton over Zayne McClain (Pinedale) (Fall 3:03) 

160: Kaleb Bigelow (Pinedale) over Riley Bennett (TF 16-1 4:08) 

170: Keegan Gehlhausen (Pinedale) over Stetson Davis (Fall 1:36) 

182: Lannon Brazelton over Austin Green (Pinedale) (Fall 0:17) 

195: Karson Lamb over Ian Cantu (Pinedale) (Fall 1:35) 

220: Clayton Emmett (Forfeit) 

285: Nevan McDonald (Forfeit) 


Powell 47, Rawlins 31

106: Adrian Trujillo (Rawlins) (Forfeit) 

113: Zachary Covolo (Rawlins) (Forfeit) 

120: Blayne Coleman (Rawlins) over Logan Werner (Dec 7-3) 

126: Emma Karhu over Erick Duran (Rawlins) (Fall 2:59) 

132: Ezra Archuleta (Rawlins) over Brent Childers (MD 12-4) 

138: Mikey Timmons over Diego Buckingham (Rawlins) (Fall 0:36) 

145: Jack Van Norman over Diego Macias (Rawlins) (Fall 1:28) 

152: Seth Horton over Josh Smith (Rawlins) (TF 18-2 3:52) 

160: Riley Bennett (Forfeit) 

170: Stetson Davis over Jaden Martinez (Rawlins) (Fall 1:05) 

182: Lannon Brazelton (Forfeit) 

195: Karson Lamb (Forfeit) 

220: Garrett Parker (Rawlins) over Clayton Emmett (Fall 1:04) 

285: Chase Woodard (Rawlins) over Nevan McDonald (Fall 4:24) 

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