Virginia ‘Ginny’ Keating Dugan


(Oct. 15, 2009)

Virginia “Ginny” Keating Dugan died Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009 after a brief illness and residence at the West Park Long Term Care Center in Cody.

Born in Purchase Line, Penn. on Jan. 1, 1914, Ginny was the first daughter of Lottie Houk and Charles Keating. After graduating high school a year early, she entered nursing school in Indiana, Penn., where she finished at the top of her class then began a career as a surgical nurse.

In 1941, she married Carl Edward Dugan and worked in veterans’ hospitals while he served as an Army medic during World War II. Ginny finally retired from nursing to raise her son.

After the war, Carl and Ginny moved to southern Florida for 10 years, then returned north to Washington, D.C. and later, Albany, N.Y., where Ginny became very involved with helping others in her church family.

First traveling west of the Mississippi in 1998, she was always amazed by “how big everything was” and “mountains with almost no trees on them.” Having lived around big cities for many years, she loved the small-town life of Cody and the friendly people. A regular at the Irma from her first visit, she enjoyed her “Irma family” and the tourists alike. She soon joined her son in visits to the residents at West Park Long Term Care Center on Tuesday mornings. She was the oldest active member of the Cody CMA Church for several years.

Her faith carried her through an adulthood of arthritis pain and degeneration, two battles with lymphoma, diabetes and a stroke while keeping a positive, cheerful attitude.

She was preceded in death by her parents; older brother Harold Keating; and younger sisters Mary Keating and Marjorie Maye Greenwood.

She is survived by her only son, Charles Barry Dugan, a Cody-area resident; and her brother’s daughter, Patricia Murphy, of Latham, N.Y.

A memorial service was held at West Park Long Term Care Center.