Share your ‘quarantine stories’ with the Tribune


If March came in like a typical lamb, it’s going out as an almost unrecognizable lion. Our lives changed dramatically in mid-March as the global COVID-19 pandemic reached our corner of Wyoming.

Instead of going out, we stay home. Instead of sending kids to school, we help them learn at home. Instead of eating at restaurants, we do take-out orders. Instead of buying toilet paper, flour and other supplies without a second thought, we wonder if hoarders will have left store shelves empty. Instead of visiting with our friends, colleagues and relatives, we keep our distance.

The pandemic has brought hardships for many in our community.

Many employees no longer have a steady paycheck and must file for unemployment. Residents are forced into isolation, making the quarantine especially lonely for those who live by themselves. Loved ones can no longer visit family members and friends in the hospital or care center, adding to their loneliness and difficulties. Healthcare workers and grocery store employees continue to soldier on, even if they fear putting themselves or their families at risk.

But through it all, we also know this quarantine has brought moments of exceptional kindness and even unexpected blessings. Life has become less hurried and more simple. Many families now have more time to spend together. Churches, schools, businesses and nonprofits have quickly adapted, finding innovative ways to interact and serve their community.

As life shifts and we adjust to this new, temporary normal, we want to hear from you. What has quarantine looked like for you and your family? What have been the unexpected silver linings amid the challenges? What tips would you give to fellow Powellites stuck at home?

Now more than ever, it’s important for our community to come together, even though we can’t do so in a literal sense. By sharing your stories and photos, it helps us feel connected.

Stories can be short and simple snippets  — even just a few sentences. Share your words and images by tagging @PowellTribune on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #QuarantineStories or emailing tessa@powelltribune.com. We’ll share as many as we can in our print edition or online.

During this uncertain and unprecedented time, let’s remember that we’re all in this together.

Here are a couple of positive stories to get us started.