Edward Judd Jones


(Aug. 13, 1925 - Sept. 8, 2010)Edward Judd Jones died Sept. 8, 2010. He was 85.

Edward was born Aug. 13, 1925 on a homestead on the South Fork. His parents, Jessie and Edward Jones, had three children, Elmor, Edna and Edward.

Ed graduated from Cody High School. A gifted athlete, he was offered several college scholarships. Duty to country called, however, and Ed joined the Navy at age 17. He served in the South Pacific during World War II.

After the war, Ed decided he would never again leave his beloved Wyoming mountains. He learned the craft of building, and earned a reputation for exceptional standards and integrity. He truly lived the philosophy, “My word is my bond.”

On June 6, 1948, Ed and Raemae Whitney were married. They built their lives around their children, Greg, Melanee and Sherri. Together, they gave their children the gift of unconditional love.

Ed leaves his family with many good memories, but most importantly, the memory of a kind and honorable husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Edward is survived by his wife, Raemae; and by his children, Melanee (Dave) Kennell and Greg (Kaye) Jones. He is also survived by his grandchildren, McKenzie and Bryn Kennell and Cedar (Eli) Jasso; and his great-grandchildren Ellie, Carlos and Tait Edward Jasso.

He was preceded in death by his cherished daughter, Sherri (Jon) Jensen.

A memorial service will be held in early October.