Bobbi Barrows


(June 7, 2005)

Barbara (Bobbi) Barrows, beloved wife of Gordon Barrows of Ralston for 37 years, died peacefully in New York City Tuesday, June 7 from complications of heart disease. She was 73.

She was born Barbara Martin in Philadelphia, Pa., on Jan. 30, 1932. After a successful career as a model and textile designer, she married Gordon Barrows in 1968. The couple maintained residences in New York City and Ralston.

She was an active supporter of classical arts in New York City and a member of the City Gardens Club. Her joys were opera, oil painting, gardening and travel abroad with her husband.

She is survived by her husband; a brother; nephews and niece.

Bobbi Barrows was remembered in Powell as “an Eastern girl who loved the West.”

Esther Brumage, a friend of many years, said, “She was a very lovely person. She was very well educated. She loved to travel. She was a very kind person, very helpful. She thought about other people a lot.”

A memorial service will be held in Powell at a date to be announced.