Anna Mary Grooms


(Feb. 2, 2005)

Anna Mary Grooms, 93, of Billings, Mont., died Wednesday, Feb. 2, surrounded by her Friends in Christian fellowship. Formerly Anna Mary Phelps, she grew up near Cody, living at the family homestead on Monument Hill, and also near lower Sage Creek. After attending Billings Business College, she moved to a ranch on the Southfork.

Anna gave all she had to give to everyone around her and lived a life of devotion to God and the gospel. Many people, including family, friends, and acquaintances were moved by her kindness and compassion in life, and will mourn her death as they honor her passing.

She is survived by her son, Lynn David Grooms; her daughters, Anna Gail Bloom and Kyna Libbie Weaver; her grandchildren, Thane Grooms, Troy Grooms, Tye Grooms, Todd Grooms, John Connett, Sharyl Clapp, Blywyn Weaver, and Dayne Weaver; and her great-grandchildren, Brandon Grooms, Ashley Grooms, Katie Grooms, Skieler Grooms, Trever Grooms, Hanna Connett, and Loren Connett.

A service will be held Monday, March 7 at 10 a.m. in the Smith Downtown Chapel, 120 N. 26th Street, in Billings, immediately followed by a luncheon in Billings and a 3 p.m. graveside service in Cody.