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October 09, 2008 3:12 am

End Partisanship with this election

Written by Tribune Staff

After seemingly endless campaigning — by Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, you name it — we've finally reached the end of the road: Election Day.

Throughout this election cycle we've heard pledges from those on all sides to end partisan bickering and to reach across party lines to solve real problems.

Those who emerge victorious from today's elections will now get to put their proverbial money where their mouth is. And do we ever need it.

According to a recent Gallup poll, our outgoing president, George W. Bush, has the lowest approval rating of any chief executive since Harry Truman in 1945.

Polls also indicate voter approval ratings for Congress at a record low — the approval percentage this past summer dipped below 10 percent for the first time ever.

The issues facing the U.S. are huge — the war in Iraq, the nationwide economic turmoil and energy policy are front and center. Now, more than ever, we need politicians who will put aside partisan pettiness in order to work for solutions to big problems.

Let's hope that the victors — especially at the national level — will work together to end the bickering that stands in the way of true progress.

We've heard the refrain many times over the last number of months — now let's hold them to it.

We have too much at stake to tolerate anything less.