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September 18, 2008 3:01 am

Fourteen different drivers claim go-kart victories

Written by Tribune Staff

Two drivers score multiple Victories

Last Saturday marked the second-to-last evening of racing for the Park County Kart Club's 2008 season, and 14 different drivers posted victories in their respective divisions. Of those drivers, two scored multiple wins — Cory Heny and Landon Greer.

Drivers notching one victory each last Saturday at the Park County Fairgrounds in Powell were Brooklyn Sweet, Emily Sande, Matt Sweet, Jane Faulkner, Jennifer Triplett, JJ Faulkner, Wayne McClaflin, Sam Gernhart, Tracy Sweet, Scott Heny, Curtis Sande and Ken Strausheim.

The final races of the PCKC's season will be Saturday, Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. Races will be conducted at the Park County Fairgrounds.

The following is a recap of last week's racing action:

• Kids (5-8): Brooklyn Sweet finished ahead of Samantha Sande for the win. For Brooklyn Sweet, the victory was her fifth of the season in the kids division and helped her maintain her lead in the season's points standings. She has 118 points and is 16 points ahead of Samantha Sande.

• Junior I (ages 9-13): As has been the case much of the season, Cory Heny and Matt Sweet found themselves in a battle for the top spot. Heny prevailed and claimed the checkered flag, and Sweet settled for the runner-up spot. Positions three through six were rounded out by Taylor Rentschler, Emily Sande, Marisa Sanders and Taylor Daniels.

As for the standings in the Junior I division, Matt Sweet holds the top spot with 129 points. Cory Heny is the closest challenger with 112 points with just one race date left on this season's schedule.

• Junior I girls: Emily Sande claimed the top spot and was followed by Brooklyn Sweet, Mallory Triplett and Marissa Sanders.
With her victory, Emily Sande pushed her season-leading point total in the division to 108. She currently is 10 points ahead of Brooklyn Sweet, who is ranked second.

• Junior I boys: In this division, Cory Heny scored the victory, and Matt Sweet took the runner-up spot. Grady Sanders, Taylor Rentschler and Taylor Daniels rounded out spots three through five.

The victory was Cory Heny's fourth in this division for the year. However, he still trails Matt Sweet for the points lead by a 112-98 margin. Taylor Rentschler is third with 88 points.

• Junior pro-am (ages 9-18): Matt Sweet earned the victory, and Cory Heny, Savannah Triplett, Taylor Rentschler, Emily Sande and Grady Sanders took spots two through six.

With his victory, Matt Sweet tightened his grip on the points lead. He has 125 points, and Cory Heny is second with 112. Savannah Triplett, third, has 90 points.

• Junior II: Jake Mennell was the top driver in this division Saturday. With 78 points for the season, he is ahead of Alex Zellman, who is second with 56 points.

• Ladies 6.5 hp heat race: Jane Faulkner crossed the finish line first and was followed by Nancy Knight, Jill Sande, Jennifer Triplett and Pokey Heny.

• Ladies 6.5hp class race: In this event, Jennifer Triplett took the top spot ahead of Jane Faulkner, Pokey Heny, Nancy Knight, Jill Sande and Jaci Heny.

This division is up for grabs entering the final week of racing. Jennifer Triplett has the lead in the standings with 109 points, but Jane Faulkner is one point behind in second. Jill Sande sits third with 102 points, and Nicole Timmons is fourth with 96. Fifth place currently belongs to Pokey Heny, who has 87 points.

• Men's 6.5hp (300-350 pounds, kart and driver): Curtis Sande won this race, finishing ahead of Sam Gernhart and Dan DeLeon.
Curtis Sande also the points lead in the division with 116 points. Sam Gernhart is the closest competitor to that total with 76 points. DeLeon is third with 48.

• Men's 6.5hp (350-400 pounds, kart and driver): JJ Faulkner claimed the checkered flag and retained his No. 1 ranking in the season standings. He has 106 points while Justin Sims is second with 78. Aaron Lotten is third with 56.

• Men's 6.5hp (400-450 pounds, kart and driver): Wayne McClaflin scored the victory Saturday and easily maintained his lead in the division with 80 points for the season.

• Animal (300-350 pounds, kart and driver): This race was won by Landon Greer. He also has the points lead for the season.

• Animal (350-400 pounds, kart and driver): Tracy Sweet claimed the top spot and finished ahead of Bill Rentschler, Ken Strausheim and Larry Chouinard.

Entering the final race date, this division boasts a close points race. Tracy Sweet is the leader with 74 points, but Bill Rentschler is close behind with 68. Strausheim is third with 65 points, and Larry Chouinard is fourth with 62.

• Animal (400-450 pounds, kart and driver): Scott Heny was the winner in this race and he also holds the top spot in the point standings with 58. Shawn Chouinard is second with 40 points.

• Modified 210cc and below (300-350 pounds, kart and driver): Curtis Sande outdrove Landon Greer, Sam Gernhart and Dan DeLeon for the top spot. He also leads the standings with 76 points.

Mike Apanashk is second with 58 points, and Landon Greer and Sam Gernhart are tied for third with 32 points each.

• Modified 210cc and below (350-400 pounds, kart and driver): Ken Strausheim crossed the finish line first and ahead of Bill Rentschler, Wayne McClaflin, Tracy Sweet and Larry Chouinard.

Strausheim also has the points lead with 74. Wayne McClaflin is second with 64 points, and Tracy Sweet is third with 62. Bill Rentschler, with 56 points, is fourth, and Larry Chouinard and Mark Rentschler are fifth and sixth with 47 and 46 points, respectively.

• Modified 210cc and below (400-450 pounds, kart and driver): Scott Heny was the winner, but Delbert Reder, with 58 points for the season, is the division leader. Scotty Heny and Shawn Chouinard are tied for the runner-up spot with 38 points.

• Feature, heat one: Sam Gernhart finished first. Spots two through seven went to Tracy Sweet, Wayne McClaflin, Ken Strausheim, Jake Mennell, Bill Rentschler and JJ Faulkner.

• Feature, heat two: Landon Greer prevailed in a race featuring six drivers. Spots two through six went to Jane Faulkner, Trevin Allen, Jaci Heny, Larry Chouinard and Mike Apanashk.

• Outlaw divisions: In the 211-250cc (330-350 pounds, kart and driver) division, Curtis Sande holds the top spot. In the 350-400 pound division, Tracy Sweet is the division leader.