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Boy's bicycle stolen

Josh Wolfe donated a bicycle to another boy, then his own was stolen

Young Josh Wolfe of Powell saved his money for three years -- more than one fourth of his 11-year life -- toward one goal: buying his own bicycle.

"He's been saving up his money in his saving account for several years lawn mowing -- Christmas money, birthday money," said Carolee Neal, Josh's mother.

He had nearly reached that goal when he won a bicycle at Powell's Health and Safety Fair in April. Since he planned to buy his own, specialized bike, he decided to give the bicycle he won to another boy who didn't have one.

"He felt he was way too blessed and gave the bike to a boy who needed it more," said family friend Carrie Satterwhite.

Josh finally realized his dream when he and his dad ordered his bicycle in July, and it arrived in early August.

From then on, "The only thing I used to do is ride my bike around and practice tricks on it," he said. For instance, "I could jump off my pedals and do a 180 and get back on them."

More recently, he also rode his bike to and from school and football practice.

Until Wednesday, Oct. 5, that is. That was the day he went outside to get his bike to ride it to school, but it wasn't there. Someone had stolen it from the yard overnight.

"I couldn't find my bike. It wasn't anywhere in the whole yard. My mom had to take me to school," he said.

Neal said Josh had ridden the bike home from football practice the night before.

"Now, he doesn't have anything left," she said. "It was a hard lesson for him."

"I don't understand people," she said Friday. "His cell phone was stolen on Sunday, and now his bike. He's kind of having a rough week."

Satterwhite lamented the theft of Josh's bicycle.

"He's so kind, and these are the things that make us not so kind," she said. '"he things that make us cynical."

The BMX bicycle, with a black front fork and a white frame, is a "Stolen" brand bike -- an irony not lost on Josh or his parents.

Although Josh hadn't licensed the bike yet, his parents recorded the serial number, which they provided to Powell police.

Neal said the police department loaned Josh a bicycle that he can use while the search for his continues.

Anyone with information about Josh's bicycle should contact Officer Chad Glick with the Powell Police Department.



  • posted by Leann

    October 23, 2011 6:55 pm

    Well this a sad story and i can only hope that this boys bycycle is found and returned some people should be ashamed of themselves

  • posted by Joelene Gonzales

    October 18, 2011 7:11 pm

    I don't understand what lesson you people are referring to that this young man learned? He learned that people can just walk up to his place and take his stuff? It was on his property. No one had any right just to walk up and take his stuff. This is one of the problems with society today. People will sit there and actually see stuff like this happening and turn the other way.

  • posted by Debbie Robbins

    October 14, 2011 9:54 pm

    Josh is a special young man. It's sad to think that the are so intitled that they can take things from other people. This a tough lesson that all people aren't as good as the Wolfe's and the Neals try to teach their children to be. Josh's Grandma

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