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Benevolence in charge at Moyer Animal Shelter

Shelter manager: Start new year with a new pet

Kindness reigns at City of Powell/Moyer Animal Shelter despite occasional setbacks for the four-legged clients.

A woman who adopted a Siamese cat from Moyer recently returned the feline. The woman required cancer treatment in a Denver hospital, and, following her medical care, was planning to live with her son in Laramie, said Elfriede Milburn, who runs the shelter.

Another cat, adopted elsewhere, was brought to Moyer because the cat’s new master, a tearful little girl, was allergic to cats.

“There were lots of tears, but ...” Milburn said.

She didn’t finish the sentence because she was preoccupied tending another cat who was in dire straits before he was brought to Moyer. Both narratives are sad, but not cataclysmic from the cats’ perspectives.

The shelter currently houses 36 cats and seven dogs. But don’t worry — there’s plenty of room.

They’ve had up to 45 cats at one time. Once they had 18 dogs, but five were adopted in one day.

“Somebody’s watching out for us,” Milburn said.

It’s a clean facility with a spacious room reserved just for cats. Some felines have the run of the room while others rest in large cages and a few felines visit a sort of cat run outside.

Likewise most dogs are in separate kennels, but the kennels are fitted with doggy doors, allowing the animals to step outside whenever they wish. A dog run is also attached to the east side of the building so canines can move about freely.

“They’re better off here than where they were,” Milburn said.

One cat was near death when he was found. Now he has a yellow and white coat that is soft as down. He purrs like a kitten when Milburn draws near.

“He’s doing really good now,” she said.

Roxy, a boxer, has been at the shelter since July of 2011. Her soft brown eyes could win the heart of even the coldest human. Milburn goes to a shelf for some doggy treats and Roxy is there. As discerning dogs the world over seem to learn, using those big brown eyes guarantees a treat every time.

Other dogs watch intently from their kennels. As Milburn approaches they bark exuberantly.

Most of the goodies, about the same length, but broader than a strip of grade A bacon, disappear down furry throats in one gulp.

“When they get a good home, I’m good with that,” Milburn said. “But, you’ve got to love them here. You’ve got to.”

The animals can feel the affection, it seems.

The wire to the dog run was cut once — Milburn suspects kids playing a mean-spirited prank. The dogs were able to bolt, but when she arrived the next morning, the canine residents were waiting for her.

“They were all here,” Milburn said.

There is plenty of animal grub, thanks to generous donations, even one for $500. All the veterinarians around Powell give Moyer a discount too.

And, the place is warm and safe.

“It’s a no-kill shelter,” Milburn said. “None of us would be here if that wasn’t the case.”

Dogs cost $45 to adopt. Those canines are spayed or neutered and receive all their shots before moving to their new home.

Cats cost $25 and are also spayed or neutered and fully immunized prior to adoption, Milburn said.

Don’t get shy when adopting a cat at Moyer. Enter the cat room, sit down, and the right cat will pick you. For both dogs or cats, if it doesn’t work out within a week or two, the people can bring the animal back, Milburn said.

For owners who lose their dog or cat, call the shelter to see if it showed up at Moyer. “Report it to the police too,” Milburn said.

Moyer is easy to find. Cross the tracks off Coulter Avenue heading south. Take a right (west) on North Street and follow it to the shelter. 

The holidays may be past, but dogs and cats are still awaiting adoption. “Ring in the new year with a new pet,” Milburn said.

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  • posted by Kara Warren

    January 15, 2014 10:29 am

    My nearly 15 year old "puppy" came from the shelter 14 years ago. Best choice I could have made!!

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