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October 18, 2012 8:21 am

EDITORIAL: Prevention grant aims at improving lives for many Park County youth

Written by Ilene Olson

A $625,000 federal grant awarded recently to the Park County Coalition Against Substance Abuse is good news for Park County youth and for Park County in general.

The grant — one of only 60 awarded to community coalitions nationwide — aims at preventing and reducing substance abuse among youth 18 and younger. It provides $125,000 per year for five years through the Drug Free Communities Support Program.

To qualify, the coalition was required to focus prevention efforts on two specific types of substance abuse.

For the first, coalition members chose to fight alcohol abuse, a long-standing substance abuse problem among youth in Park County. The coalition’s other prevention effort aims at a newer, but increasing, substance abuse problem: prescription drug abuse.

Besides being a “gateway” drug that often leads to abuse of additional substances, alcohol abuse in youth can result in lifelong problems with alcoholism, and all too frequently is the cause of tragic accidents and needless highway deaths involving teenagers.

Initial grant-funded work entails strengthening the coalition by partnering with schools, organizations, groups and individuals who work with and/or are concerned about youth in Park County and their welfare.

Work then will expand to identify prevention goals and strategies to achieve them. In the case of prescription drug abuse, the first step will be to quantify the problem.

We know prescription drug abuse exists, and we know it is increasing, but we don’t know how extensive the problem is, and we don’t know how it is perceived among youth in the county. Identifying and quantifying the problem will provide solid information on which to base prevention efforts as well as a starting point for tracking the results of those efforts.

We congratulate the Park County Coalition Against Substance Abuse on applying for and receiving the grant, and for its willingness to take action to prevent substance abuse in youth. Those prevention efforts will help Park County youth by preventing tragedies and lifelong hardships created so often by substance abuse, and by doing so, will benefit Park County as a whole as well.


  • Comment Link October 18, 2012 9:04 am posted by clipstein

    It will be wasted just like most of the things that are done in powell..... rip the taxpayers and pity the ones who stand up and voice an opinion......
    of course raid the wrong address and never apologize.
    do you think they really want to slow the drugs down??? think how many would be out of a job. the police, hospital, clinics, welfare, attorneys, courts etc. think

  • Comment Link October 18, 2012 11:59 am posted by Disgusted taxpayer

    Prevent alcohol abuse? Hahaha...better start with the parents on that one.Then make Park County a dry County...never happen so the idea is moot.People have been using booze for a long..long time and I seriously doubt any of them will stop soon.

  • Comment Link October 18, 2012 10:34 pm posted by TiredOfWhiners

    Clipstein and Disgusted Taxpayer - You two are the most negative whiners in all of Park County. The people working on this grant are dedicated, hard working individuals who actually CARE about others and want to help those young people who don't have the guidance that many of us had in our homes. Should we penalize children because they happen to be born to people ill-prepared to be parents? At least the grant workers are trying to help while the two of you sit on the sidelines and complain and whine and DO NOTHING to help your community. Why don't you pool your money, buy an island, declare yourselves kings, and establish your "nirvana" where you can rule over the other "coconuts" who are foolish enough to listen to Powell's "nattering nabobs of negativity" - YOU TWO!!!!

  • Comment Link October 19, 2012 9:59 am posted by clipstein

    you live in a town that the last I knew had 26 on staff at the police dept... it also had the highest crime rate per population in the state....... now this is for a town of 6,000..... does this tell you any thing. also was told that Powell had more corruption than other city in the state per population.... who did nothing to help their community?? think you better look in a mirror...who gave their time and money with spagetti dinners etc...... at no cost to anyone but me....what have you done for the community but break it........ now if you have something to say my number is the same......who is the only one who had the guts to tell the city they were going to go broke........don't forget maybe i am tired of powell and have washed my hands of it

  • Comment Link October 19, 2012 12:10 pm posted by Disgusted taxpayer

    Oh boy,I love it when the natives get restless.Hate to burst your small bubble,tired,but I DO NOT LIVE IN PORK COUNTY ANYMORE. I finally had enough of you RINO's and found a better life. A lot of us watched for years as the Titanic took on water under poor leadership,and you people sat back and eat it up. So....have fun rearranging the deck chairs as the ship goes down.Have a really nice day.

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