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March 23, 2010 3:50 am

Taxi service starts in Powell

Written by Tribune Staff

A second attempt to start a taxi service was successful for a local business.

The Powell City Council unanimously approved a taxicab license for Backwoods Cab last week.

Sasha McMillan re-submitted the application following an unsuccessful bid for a license last month. The council denied the original request over concerns about the checkered driving history of Kyle Ninker, a co-applicant on the first request.

The second application lists McMillan and Colleen Ninker as the drivers for the taxicab service. Background checks for both were approved by Powell Police Chief Tim Feathers.

Kyle Ninker will not be a driver for the service.

Additional drivers may be added in the future, but they also must go through a background check with recommendations forwarded to the council for approval.

McMillan said that, following the recent closure of another taxicab service, she believed Powell was in need of public transportation.

“We just decided that the town needed one,” McMillan said.

McMillan cited public safety as one of her main concerns, adding that Kyle Ninker works at a bar and saw the continued need for transportation for residents who have been drinking.

“It's not just the guy who's drinking, but the guy walking on the sidewalk and falls into the street and could get hit,” Kyle Ninker said.

The concern for public safety spurred McMillan to start up the taxicab service.

“We've been talking forever about the need for a cab service,” said Kyle Ninker. “We thought, why don't we do it?”

The business has the necessary insurance coverage and submitted a permit/authorization to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Backwoods Cab has two vehicles, a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee and ‘94 Ford Tempo. They charge $10 for a one-way trip within five miles of Powell or Ralston. For a roundtrip to a destination within five miles of Powell and Ralston, the trip costs $18.

The business also will offer weekly runs, by appointment, to Walmart on Sundays for $25 per person.

More information about the cab company's rates is available by calling 307-899-7797.