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July 30, 2008 3:37 pm

PCKC debuts at fair

Written by Tribune Staff

More than 40 drivers showcase their driving skills
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Cory Heny plows through a bumpy section of the track during Sunday's go-kart races at the Park County Fairgrounds. Tribune photo by David Dickey
The Park County Kart Club's racing season continued to gain momentum last week as 42 drivers wheeled around the track during one of the Park County Fair's featured sports events.
As expected, the go-kart racing Sunday was fast and furious and provided plenty of entertainment for the crowd. The event, which served as the PCKC's third set of points races for the season, also provided plenty of shakeups in the overall point standings for the year.
The following are results from Sunday's races:
• Kids division: 1st, Brooklyn Sweet; 2nd Kyler Sims; 3rd, Samantha Sande.
• Junior I division: 1st, Cory Heny; 2nd, Matt Sweet; 3rd, Brianne Siebert; 4th, Taylor Sims; 5th, Taylor Rentschler; 6th, Emily Sande.
• Junior I girls division: 1st, Brianne Siebert; 2nd, Brooklyn Sweet; 3rd, Taylor Sims; 4th, Emily Sande; 5th, Marisa Sanders; 6th, Mallory Triplett.
• Junior I boys division: 1st, Cory Heny; 2nd, Matt Sweet; 3rd, Taylor Rentschler; 4th, Grady Sanders; 5th, Hayden Brandon.
• Junior II division: 1st, Jake Mennell; 2nd, Alex Zellmann.
• Junior Pro-Am division: 1st, Cory Heny; 2nd, Brianne Siebert; 3rd, Carson Murdock; 4th, Matt Sweet; 5th, Alex Zellmann; 6th, Savannah Triplett.
• Ladies 6.5 hp: 1st, Jennifer Triplett; 2nd, Nicole Timmons; 3rd, Jill Sande; 4th, Jaci Heny; 5th, Pokey Heny; 6th, Jane Faulkner; 7th, Nancy Knight.
• Men's 6.5 hp, 300-350 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Sam Gernhart; 2nd, Curtis Sande; 3rd, Willie Onstine; 4th, Dan DeLeon.
• Men's 6.5 hp, 350-400 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Justin Sims; 2nd, Aaron Lotten; 3rd, J.J. Faulkner.
• Men's 6.5 hp, 400-450 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Wayne McClaflin; 2nd, Scott Heny.
• Animal, 350–400 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Bill Rentschler; 2nd, Larry Chouinard; 3rd, Ken Strausheim; 4th, Tracy Sweet.
• Animal, 400–450 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Shawn Chouinard; 2nd, Scott Heny.
• Outlaw 211-250cc, 300–350 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Curtis Sande.
• Outlaw 211-250cc, 350 – 400 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Tracy Sweet.
• Modified 210cc and below, 300–350 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Curtis Sande; 2nd, Mike Apanashk; 3rd, Dan DeLeon; 4th, Willie Onstine.
• Modified 210cc and below, 350-400 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Ken Strausheim; 2nd, Wayne McClaflin; 3rd, Larry Chouinard; 4th, Bill Rentschler; 5th, Mark Rentschler; 6th, Tracy Sweet.
• Modified 210cc and below, 400-450 pounds (kart & driver): 1st, Delbert Reder; 2nd, Shawn Chouinard.
• Feature (no age limits), Heat 1: 1st Ken Strausheim; 2nd, Tracy Sweet; 3rd, Delbert Reder; 4th, Justin Sims; 5th, Dan DeLeon; 6th, Matt Sweet.
• Feature (no age limits), Heat 2: 1st, Aaron Lotten; 2nd, Bill Rentschler; 3rd, Alex Zellmann; 4th, J.J. Faulkner; 5th, Mark Rentschler.
• Meeting and race reminder: The PCKC will conduct its next meeting Wednesday, Aug. 6, at the Park County Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. Upcoming races dates are Aug. 23 and Aug. 30. Those races will be conducted at the Park County Fairgrounds and both have scheduled 6 p.m. start times. For an updated listing of the season standings, see the Tuesday, Aug. 5 edition of the Powell Tribune.