Puffs: Potteresque play brings spirits to PHS

Posted 5/6/21

Powell High School will hold its spring play, Puffs,  at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the auditorium.

Puffs is a look at seven increasingly eventful years of a certain wizarding school and …

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Puffs: Potteresque play brings spirits to PHS


Powell High School will hold its spring play, Puffs,  at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the auditorium.

Puffs is a look at seven increasingly eventful years of a certain wizarding school and the students who attend, through the lens of a group of loyal outsiders who, oddly enough, have a thing for badgers. The play is billed as an adventure for those who were never destined to save the world, but instead are just trying to get through a school that proves dangerous for the students.

Although the play is not authorized, sanctioned, endorsed or licensed by  anyone associated with the Harry Potter films, books or play, it offers a chance for wizard lovers to revisit his world while exuding a tongue in cheek sense of fondness for everything Hogwarts.

Reviewers have said the play is hilariously heartfelt, calling it a fast-paced romp that never goes more than a minute without a laugh.

To pull this off, PHS has enlisted some magic makers of its own.

Bob Hunt is serving as the director, with Jeff Greaham as his wand-waving assistant director. Sawyer O’Rourke is the stage manager, and will be supported by the magical crew of Josh Ashcraft, Jenna Merritt and Kinsley Braten. Making sure the spells reach everyone’s ears, Joe Kousoulos will perform as sound FX operator. Lights will be managed by Hunt and Madisen McDonald, while Greaham is on the sound board.

Ashley Dunkerley, LucyJane Crimm and Elsie Spomer will use their conjuring skills to get the props to the right place at the right time, while Merritt and Dunkerley will handle the strings on the puppetry.

Christi Greaham, Spomer and Crystal Emmett produced costumes through prestidigitation and Taylor Rose and Christi Greaham are in charge of projections.

Through bewitchment, spells and plain hard work, Hunt’s theater class, Merritt, Josie Griffin, Kinsley Braten and Emmett constructed the sets, with special thanks to Rob Rumboltz.

The cast showcases Jaxton Braten as Wayne Hopkins, Abby Landwehr as Megan Jones and Kaelin Crichton as Oliver Rivers. Allie Gilliatt serves as the narrator. 

Luke Condie is Ernie Mac, Seamus, the potions teacher, Professor Turban, the ghost history teacher, Professor Locky, Sal, Mr. Nick, the second headmaster and the real Mr. Moody. He will need some real magic to keep 10 roles rolling. So will Joe Bucher, who is portraying J. Finch Fletchley, Uncle Dave, Goyle, the fat friar, Clumsy Longbottom, Viktor, Hermeoone the third, Mr. Bagman and Zach Smith.

LucyJane Crimm plays Hannah, while Dunkerley fills the role of Xavia Jones.

Bailey Phillips plays Leanne and Helga, while Lily Halter plays Sally Perks. Sophe Morrow plays Susie Bones and Ric Gryff. Jace Bohlman plays Cedric and Mr. Voldy and Hannah Sears fills the roles of the first headmaster, the runes teacher and Professor Sprouty.

Isabella Schoonover plays Professor McG, Professor Lanny and Ms. Babble. Dakota Hansen plays Ginny and Frenchy, with Addison Braten as Hermeoone, Blondo Malfoy, Rowena, Rita Scooter and Bippy. Emma Bucher is Harry, Colin, Hermeoone number two and Myrtle while Addy Moretti is the dragon and a death buddy. Spomer and CJ Brown also fill roles as death buddies.

To see the students perform in multiple roles, with original music composed by Brian Hoes and sound designs by Matt Cox, arrive at the door in plenty of time to get your seats “for impossible feats of abracadabra, sleight of hand and hocus-pocus.”

Seating is limited to half capacity to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, with tickets $3 for students and $5 general admission. The performance will also be livestreamed online at $3.75 for students and $6 for the general public.