Branching Out

I am thankful for your stories

By Maggie Sullivan
Posted 2/27/20

I am thankful for my life. That statement comes from someone who has survived her fair share of obstacles.

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Branching Out

I am thankful for your stories


A note from Park County Library System Director Frances Clymer:

Due to an illness, longtime Powell Library Public Services Manager Margret (Maggie) Sullivan is, sadly, no longer able to bring her cheerful demeanor, sharp wit and commitment to service to the people of Powell. We are deeply saddened to have her leave us.

Not too long ago, Maggie wrote this lovely essay about her life and work. We wish to share it with the good people of Park County whom she served so well throughout her time at the Powell Library. Please keep Maggie and her family close in your thoughts and prayers during what is a very difficult time.

We, the members of the Park County Library System, are very grateful to Maggie for all she has done to improve our communities and send our thanks to all that the members of our communities have done to bring Maggie joy and purpose in her life among us.



I am thankful for my life. That statement comes from someone who has survived her fair share of obstacles. I am not going to spend my time or your energy on reading a sob story about what those obstacles have been. However, they have formed my story. Realizing that part of being a human being is struggling, is the way to maturity. It took a lot of gray hair and more than a few wrinkles to recognize this fact.

Whoever you are, what you do and how you survive each day is your story. Housing and sharing those stories is where I spend most of my waking hours in the week. I work at a library. I work at your library. I am a steward of your library. My fellow librarians and I watch over all of these stories, all of these people.

We protect each written word, and hold them dear, in order for you to share in the inspiration someone else’s struggle may give you. A book, movie, program, or audiobook may show you a path that will bring you around, or over, the barrier you have in front of you. Each day I see all age ranges and socio-economic levels represented at the library. The doors that open to the library are the great equalizers. Everyone is welcome and each story has value.

The new mom looking for social interaction; the older gentleman who is looking for computer help; and the young student hanging out with his friend after school all show me a piece of their story. They come to the library for help, entertainment, education and inspiration. In return, I find peace in my own life by showing them the gifts that the taxpayers of Park County have provided.

I am a story keeper. I am a truth seeker. I am thankful for you.

Branching Out