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For several years at New Life Church, from June through August, we preach out of the Psalms at Sunday worship. We call this “Summer in the Psalms.” The Psalms are one of the favorites … more
Grace and peace to you all! God commands us to speak truthfully and charitably about our neighbors so that others view them in the best possible light. As Christians, we are expected to improve … more
In the first century, after Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead, the early church got its start, according to the book of Acts. It must have been a really challenging time for … more
It is ironic that Christianity, which historically has been a forerunner of personal freedom, political freedom, economic freedom and religious freedom, is commonly seen as the enemy of freedom. Many … more
Quickly time passes. We don’t notice it often as we rarely stop and gain perspective as we are always in a hurry from one job to the next, one sport to the next, or one doldrum to another. … more
A great truth that everyone needs to be constantly reminded of in our time and place is that Jesus did not come to free us to sin, but to free us from sin. Sin is anything that falls short of … more
This is the opening line of a hymn written by William M. James in 1979 for the United Methodist congregation he was serving in New York. He was a champion of civil rights and he led his congregation … more
This is a special time of the year as we celebrate the Easter season and the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. During Jesus’s mortal life, there was much unrest in the old world — and … more
For years now I have been hearing about safe places. Safe places on college and university campuses. Safe places in secondary schools and elementary schools. Some safe places even in … more
Change: It is said that change is the only constant in our world and we feel that on a daily basis. Whether it is changing mandates for coronavirus or the ever-changing political scene, change is … more
There’s too much to do and not enough time.” “A day late and a dollar short.” “I’m crazy busy.”  You’ve probably muttered something like this … more
Many reading this column might be familiar with the one-hit wonder by the German Eurodance group, “Snap: I’ve Got the Power.” This is something that everyone reading the column can … more
I have always been fascinated by the mind. Not being a neurologist, actually not even close, I certainly cannot tell you the interworking of the human brain. But it is obvious that what we think … more
Last Sunday, the Christian faith celebrated the transfiguration of our Lord. The word transfiguration is a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state. This is … more
We are living in times like most of us have never seen. People are very afraid in the uncertainty of these times. Many people are concerned about so many different things in their lives right now and … more
We’ve never been through such times as we are in today. Who could have predicted a year ago that a super contagious virus would spread across the globe in a matter of months and result in a … more
On Wednesday, we had a new president inaugurated, and with that comes varying emotions depending on which side of the political spectrum you happen to be on — and if you are reading this, my … more
For reasons too lengthy for this page, many folks have come to think of politics and religion as having a wall of separation between them. Like peas and potatoes (if you’re of my mind), we … more
When I realized it was my turn to write the Perspectives article for the Powell Tribune, as the United Methodist Pastor appointed to serve the communities of Lovell and Powell; I thought to myself, … more
I picked up a line from one of my fellow shepherds that often helps me keep things in perspective: “I have seen a big deal and this ain’t it.” This is true in reference to so … more
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