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It’s not as if there’s no place to go. Yes, the usual recreational or relaxation or exercise places are closed. As a friend said at the beginning of this COVID-19 epidemic when deciding … more
Northwest College reports a reduced enrollment, lower staff pay, a big contraction in course offerings, empty housing and an ailing student union. But as my mother used to say, “one man’s … more
Writing about Northwest College and esports got me thinking about the academic end of what is, after all, a huge industry (worth around $1.5 billion in 2019). What, I wondered, must our youth learn … more
We all recently learned that Northwest College plans to offer a new activity to its students: namely, video game competitions rebranded as esports. This news gave me pause. Right up front, I’ll … more
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” It’s a great phrase and came to mind because I’ve talked to too many people who’ve never been inside our local … more
“There oughtta be a law!” You hear that often enough. But, wait! There is a law or 10 or 50 or 50 million. Last year our Republican-dominated Wyoming Legislature gave us 200 more. … more
I’ve been wandering in memory land, recalling communities where I’ve lived in various countries and what made them particularly livable, trying to lump those into categories. The big … more
It’d be a lot easier to be a good citizen — to determine good from evil and right from wrong — if only Washington didn’t present more as a three-ring circus than serious … more
I recently heard a student from central Asia asked about his impression of our community. His response was both insightful and astute. He said, “Everywhere, everything is so clean,” … more
Donald Trump’s capricious decision to remove air protection over northern Syria and pull out of Kurdish lands is a horror story, no doubt about that. It has also united Democrats and … more
It’s a rhetorical question, one I once assumed to be infused with sarcasm and not a bit of irony. “Are we having fun, yet?” Our instructors asked over and over, even as we … more
I’ve been giving some thought to saving the world, thanks to a string of articles and TV news reports trumpeting warnings that seemed to put responsibility for preventing a killing recession … more
On some days the complexities of our global world seem so overwhelming that it’s tempting to find answers by turning back the clock to a simpler time, one that seems romantic in some ways and … more
You know them. Or maybe you don’t. Where you turn if you’re taking visitors to the Japanese Relocation Center Museum. Those two big cottonwoods? For many years now, they’ve been … more
Grim news from the local employment front with the closing of Shopko and Cody Labs — not to mention the layoffs and position reductions at Northwest College — returns my attention to our … more
What about those high heels, anyway? Years of wearing them certainly left me with a number of foot problems that I successfully ignored until a broken ankle a few months back. Now, physical therapy … more
We’re the “Equality State,” a name evoked often this year as we look back on 150 years of women having the vote. Me, I love the name, the concept of equality and the challenges … more
The Powell Branch Library ... is totally inadequate to provide service to the estimated 11,719 population in the Powell area.” And, “There is no part of the current facility that has … more
Perhaps it was the shared experience of living through the blizzard of ’49 together that turned the camp from ... well a camp, as in a temporary way-station ... into a community. more
Jan. 3, 1949, was around 70 years ago. I had just turned 9 and, while events of the next three days merge in my memory, the first minute or two after waking up that Monday morning could have happened … more
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