Refresh your shade garden: Transform the outdoors with impatiens

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(BPT) - Gardening enthusiasts, rejoice! The long-awaited moment has arrived — gardening season is officially here. As green thumbs eagerly prepare to embark on their outdoor endeavors, there’s no better time to infuse your surroundings with bursts of color and life. Joining in the spring celebration is Beacon® Impatiens from PanAmerican Seed®, boasting a dazzling array of eight vibrant colors and seven playful mixes. Whether adorning hanging baskets, window boxes or landscapes in the shade, these resilient blooms promise to bring an essence of elegance and allure into your outdoor spaces.

Brighten up your shady space

Impatiens thrive in less light, so when you're planning your garden, consider how color can bring your shady areas to life. Beacon® Impatiens make it easy, since their vibrant, cheerful blooms in striking hues create a captivating visual contrast against their dark green foliage. For a truly unique garden aesthetic, blend various shade-loving green textures, like ferns and hostas with a rich assortment of Beacon® Impatiens colors ranging from bright red and coral to white and violet.

When considering spatial arrangement, keep in mind that cool colors such as greens and blues tend to recede into the distance, while warm hues like reds and oranges appear closer, establishing an inviting atmosphere. Further transform your garden or patio into a lively oasis by selecting decorative pots and experimenting with more color combinations, setting an enchanting backdrop for your garden gatherings or backyard parties. Impatiens serve as an excellent addition to any container, seamlessly complementing other shade-loving flowers or plants in pots and hanging baskets, adding a festive flair to your outdoor décor.

Stay on trend with color combinations & new varieties

Looking for inspiration to kickstart your shade garden? This season, consider trying out a delightful combination with Beacon® Impatiens, and achieve a winning look by choosing complementary colors. Pair Beacon® Rose and Violet Shades Impatiens with frothy Euphorbia for a harmonious blend of soft and bold hues. For a striking contrast, combine Beacon® Bright Red Impatiens with statuesque Gryphon Begonia, adding a pop of vibrant color to your shaded spaces. Create a playful palette by pairing Beacon® White and Coral Impatiens with colorful, leafy Coleus varieties, adding depth and texture to your garden beds. For a classic look, pair Beacon® White with tall, red Salvia, creating a timeless and elegant arrangement. These shade garden recipes offer plenty of options to suit your taste and elevate your outdoor design.

If you love discovering new colors and mixes for your garden each year, the latest Beacon® Impatiens additions for 2024 offer exciting options to consider. Impatiens Beacon® Lipstick boasts a bold, sassy red shade guaranteed to brighten any garden with its vibrant charm. Additionally, the newly unveiled Impatiens Beacon® Pearl Island Mixture includes an exclusive preview of a "Blue Pearl" variety, not yet available on the market, blended with coral and white blossoms. This one-of-a-kind combination pays homage to the picturesque Pearl Island Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, evoking a sense of coastal serenity and elegance.

Tips for caring for impatiens

Impatiens are an easy-to-grow plant for beginner gardeners. If it's your first time planting them, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. First, ensure you select a shaded area for your Beacon® Impatiens, although partial shade can suffice if it receives morning sunlight followed by shade for the rest of the day during spring and summer. Pay attention to the spacing of your plants, as it influences their height. Planting impatiens closer together results in taller growth, with Beacon® Impatiens reaching heights of 14 to 18 inches. Concerned about impatiens downy mildew (IDM)? This is not an issue with Beacon® Impatiens, as they boast high resistance to this disease, providing durable color all season without the risk of plant loss. When it comes to watering, it is recommended to maintain a balance; while impatiens require at least 2 inches of water per week in garden beds, daily watering is necessary for those in containers or window boxes. Avoid over-watering to prevent waterlogged roots, which impede growth. Lastly, fertilizing regularly, approximately every 2 weeks, ensures optimal growth for Beacon® Impatiens. Consider using slow-release fertilizer upon planting and reapplication midway through summer.

By following these gardener-friendly tips, you'll soon enjoy vibrant, long-lasting blooms that illuminate your shaded garden. Visit to learn more ways to create a colorful shade garden that will last through the season.