Stensing, Zichovieh win triathlon


Here are the results from the Bighorn Canyon triathlon held Saturday. The men’s division was won by Martin Stensing in a time of 1:04:46, three minutes faster than his nearest pursuer. Julie Zichovieh won the women’s division, winning by more than six minutes over the rest of the field with a final time of 1:15:50.

Elaine Ostler won the youth division by nearly 12 minutes. Top youth team honors went to the grouping of Wesley Stephenson, Seth Fuller and Anna Altrip, who won by three seconds over the Doughty team. Pat Fuller, Ross Fuller and Susan Doughty won the adult team division by more than seven minutes.

The triathlon was held at the Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area and featured an 800-yard swim, a 12-mile bike ride and a 5K run in the adult divisions.

Men’s division — Martin Stensing 1:04:46, Ladell Merritt 1:07:54, Lawrence Sampson 1:15:25, William Schell 1:16:25, Dave Hardesty 1:17:47, Bruce Daniels 1:18:02, Ben Zeller 1:22:24, Phillip Wulf 1:22:39, Ken Grant 1:23:01, George Mckelson 1:26:03, John Montoya 1:26:14, Tom Sullum 1:32:31, George Kellogg 1:38:22, Tom Felkins 1:42:18, Tim Woolley 1:42:58, Chris Felkins 1:51:32, Roland Simmons 2:07:32.

Women’s division — Julie Zichovieh 1:15:50, Maggie Kirkham 1:22:18, Jeanna Merritt 1:24:42, Summer Robertson 1:30:02, Kelly Martin 1:32:20, April Nicholls 1:35:38, Katrina Fisher 1:37:14, Lisa Mohatt 1:37:15, Rochelle Rice 1:40:11, Launi Newman 1:40:54, Maria Ostler 1:40:56, Paulina Gutierrez 1:42:05, Heather Taylor 1:43:52, Genny Felkins 1:44:48, Catherine Altrip 1:56:20, Catherine Collins 2:08:57, Christina Hicks 2:12:44, Shelly Schultz 2:17:58, Alison Hyatt 2:33:31.

Youth division — Elaine Ostler 48:24, Kaleb Mayes 1:00:15, George Fowler 1:02:36.

Youth team — Wesley Stephenson, Seth Fuller and Anna Altrip 48:14; Doughty Team 48:17, Aspen Thomas, Justin and Payton Thomas 53:22, Morgan Fuller, Josh McCracken and Aaron Altrip 1:03:07, Paige Stephousen, Anna Fuller and Marshal Fuller 1:06:25.

Adult team — Pat Fuller, Ross Fuller and Susan Doughty 1:11:40, Bill Curtis, Jessice and James 1:19:04, Luke Schueneman, Sara Domek and Mike Fisher 1:20:50, James Thomas, Jeff Petty and Connor Petty 1:22:22, Nicholes Team 1:24:50, Mykel Anderson, Jen McArthur and Kevin Yowell 1:25:07, Stephanie McCullough, Alex Roberts and Edward Oursler 1:35:31, Lanna Schoenfield, Marion West and David Haller 1:41:33, Kathleen Nichols, Amy Kania and Courtney Thomas 1:47:35, Dante Geoffrey, Kevin Kinzley and Steve Johnston 2:00:45, Jason Zeller, Ruth Zeller and Kasi Clauser 2:24:29.