SPONSORED: Ember sauna suites in Powell are like 'a mini spa retreat'


Ember’s sauna suites are like a sanctuary — a place to relax, decompress and enjoy the healing benefits of heat.

“It’s an escape, and it’s good for you,” said Wendi Robirds, co-owner of Ember, located on North Clark Street in Powell, across the street east from First Bank of Wyoming.

Ember’s dry saunas can help your mind and body in various ways.

"Since I started going to Ember three months ago, I have noticed numerous health benefits," said Crystal Whitlock of Powell. "Every time I go, it's like a mini spa retreat. I leave energized and refreshed. It's the highlight of my week for sure!"

Wendi and Eric Robirds started Ember after seeing the benefits of a sauna firsthand in their home.

“I was surprised at how much better I felt when I used it,” Eric said.

Radiant heat from the infrared sauna has numerous health benefits, such as relieving muscle pain, improving skin health and helping your body detox.

“We have some people who come in for chronic pain and find that it helps them a lot,” Eric said.

Others find relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.

One local woman said it’s the first thing that’s helped manage her pain in four years.

The healing benefits of heat go beyond relieving aches and pains.

Sweating allows your body to detox, getting rid of harmful toxins while helping your liver.

“You need to sweat — it’s really good for you,” Wendi said.

The radiant heat in Ember's saunas is different than wet saunas, where you pour water on rocks.

“You can stay in here much longer than a wet sauna," Eric said. "It's quite a bit different."

You can customize the temperature in Ember's sauna suites to your liking. Some people only like to stay in for 30-40 minutes, while others enjoy a full hour.

Sweating in the sauna also helps thwart colds, flu and other illnesses.

“Many people come in with the start of a cold,” Eric said.

The heat therapy helps ease cold/flu symptoms and some think shortens their duration.

In addition, the sauna is good for stress relief, and emotional/mental wellbeing.

On the days he starts with a sauna, "I’m in a much better frame of mind, more energetic in the morning, and I think I’m more focused,” Eric said.

Ember's sauna suites have Wifi and Bluetooth, so you can listen to your music or watch Netflix.

“A lot of mothers come in, just so they can be by themselves,” Eric said.

Some people relax with a book, while others bring along their spouse or a friend. One of Ember's private sauna suites seats 1-2 people, while the other can accommodate 2-3.