PHS Swimmers improve times


Coming off of winter break, the Powell High School swim team posted great times in back-to-back competitions, starting with a dual against Lander on Friday night. The Panthers finished only a handful of points behind the Tigers and then hosted the Gene Dozah Invitational, where the team finished second among the seven schools present.

The Panthers added a new state qualifier in Trenton Wilson and those already qualified for state improved upon their times and/or added events.

Head coach Stephanie Warren said that, considering the team just returned from winter break and had some hard practices during the week, “we’re very pleased with how they performed both Friday and Saturday.”

Lander dual

The gap continues to close between the Panthers swim team and the No. 1 team in the state.

Powell finished only five points behind Lander — who has won the state championship title for 21 consecutive years — in the 93-88 dual.

The Panthers had three first place finishes.

Hudson Wilkerson topped the diving competition with 222.30 points.

Richard Spann placed first in the 100 yard backstroke with a time of 59.53 that would be good enough to qualify for the Class 4A state meet.

And the 400 freestyle relay comprised of Joe Rogers, Jared Fuller, Dillinger Wilkerson and Spann took first with a time of 3:57.37.

Powell had nine second place finishes.

The 200 medley relay team of Fuller, Kacey Creed, Spann and Hudson Wilkerson placed as runners-up with a time of 1:54.15, as did the 200 freestyle relay comprised of Creed, Hudson Wilkerson, Rogers and Dillinger Wilkerson, posting a time of 1:43.58.

Creed finished second in the 200 freestyle (posting a time of 2:01.68) and the 100 butterfly, with a personal best of 1:01.21.

Spann swam to a second place finish in the 200 IM with a time of 2:19.71, a 4A state qualifying time and his personal best.

Bryce Hogen came in second in diving with a score of 145.40.

Dillinger Wilkerson also placed second in the 100 freestyle, with a personal best time of 56.78, and scored another personal best in the 200 IM with a time of 2:27.71, finishing third.

Gavin Asay placed second in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:13.24.

Fuller was second in the 500 freestyle, posting a time of 5:59.50, a personal best.

“It was definitely a good meet for them,” Warren said. “It was very encouraging for them, and it did help motivate them for Saturday when we swam against [Lander] in the invite.”

Gene Dozah Invitational

The Panthers hosted the Gene Dozah Invite Saturday, with seven teams competing at the Powell Aquatic Center.

The Panthers finished second to Lander, 321 points to 309.

Riverton placed third with 187 points, Sublette County was fourth with 172, Worland was fifth at 151, Cody was sixth with 57 and Douglas placed seventh with 33 points.

Points were scored in a championship format, Warren said, meaning that points were given to more places than in duals and Lander had a few more swimmers score points than Powell.

“[We’re] still within a good distance of them,” said Warren of the team’s finish. “It’s exciting to see that.”

She said some of the previously qualified swimmers swam their best times on Friday and Saturday. The Panthers added their 12th state qualifier on Saturday: Junior Trenton Wilson finished fourth in the 500 freestyle with a personal best time of 6:15.72. On Friday, Wilson swam a personal record in the 200 IM with a time of 2:31.53, good enough for fourth place.

Senior  Asay swam two personal bests in the 100 breaststroke and 100 butterfly with a seventh place in 1:16.10 and third place finish in 1:04.22, respectively.

Ben Cannizzaro, a sophomore, hit a personal best in the 100 butterfly in his seventh place finish in 1:09.29.

Sophomore Jay Cox finished sixth in the 100 breaststroke with a best time of 1:16.00.

Creed, a senior, posted two personal bests on Saturday: one in the 100 freestyle with his second place finish in 54 seconds and in winning the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:06.03.

Fellow senior Fuller posted a personal record in the 200 IM with his third place finish in 2:25.17.

Freshman Matthew Hobbs also had his top time in the 200 freestyle, 2:16.25, for sixth place.

Joe Rogers, a junior, had two personal bests in the 100 and 200 freestyle. In the 100 freestyle, he placed fourth in 57.51 and fifth in 2:09.07 in 200.

Spann, a sophomore, set personal records in the 200 freestyle (taking fourth in 2:08.23) and the 100 backstroke (finishing second in 58.90).

Senior Dillinger Wilkerson topped a couple of his previous bests on Saturday, in the 50 freestyle (where he took fifth in 25.44), and the 100 breaststroke, where he placed third in 1:10.11.

All personal bests were state qualifying times.

“For as tired and as hardworking as they were this week, they are still getting some fabulous times,” Warren said.

Next up for the Panther swimmers is the Worland Invite on Saturday.

200 Yard Medley Relay

2. Jared Fuller, Kacey Creed, Richard Spann and Hudson Wilkerson 1:54.15, 3. Gavin Asay, Bryce Hogan, Ben Cannizzaro and Jay Cox 2:09.31

200 Yard Freestyle

2. Kacey Creed 2:01, 68, 3. Joe Rogers 2:11.11, 5. Jared Fuller 2:12.70, 6. Matthew Hobbs 2:17. 70, 7. Tarren Blackmore 2:32.23

200 Yard IM

2. Richard Spann 2:19.71, 3. Dillinger Wilkerson 2:27. 71, 4. Trenton Wilson 2:31.53, 7. Ben Cannizzaro 2:50. 22

50 Yard Freestyle

3. Hudson Wilkerson 26. 29, 4. Joe Rogers 27.08, 6. Tarren Blackmore 30.65, 7. Ryan Galindo 36.14, 8. Michal Tomasik 37.16


1. Hudson Wilkerson 222.30, 2. Bryce Hogan 145.40

100 Yard Butterfly

2. Kacey Creed 1:01.21, 3. Gavin Asay 1:06.35

200 Yard Freestyle

2. Dillinger Wilkerson 56.78, 4. Jay Cox 58.39, 5. Matthew Hobbs 1:03.17, 7. Ben Cannizzaro 1:09.10, 8. Ryan Galindo 1:33.80

500 Yard Freestyle

2. Jared Fuller 5:59.50, 6. Dallin Allred 7:48. 84

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

2. Kacey Creed, Hudson Wilkerson, Joe Rogers and Dillinger Wilkerson 1:43.58, 4. Matthew Hobbs, Bryce Hogan, Trenton Wilson and Jay Cox 1:43.17

100 Yard Backstroke

1. Richard Spann 59.53, 2. Gavin Asay 1:13.24, 4. Dallin Allred 1:38.50

100 Yard Breaststroke

3. Bryce Hogan 1:20. 84, 4. Trenton Wilson 1:21.75, 6. Jay Cox 1:24.21

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

1. Joe Rogers, Jared Fuller, Dillinger Wilkerson and Richard Spann 3:57.37, 3. Ben Cannizzaro, Gavin Asay, Trenton Wilson and Matthew Hobbs 4:21.19

200 Yard Medley Relay

1. Richard Spann, Kacey Creed, Jared Fuller and Hudson Wilkerson 1:51.14, 8. Ben Cannizzaro, Jay Cox, Gavin Asay and Bryce Hogan 2:09.95

200 Yard Freestyle

4. Richard Spann 2:08.23, 5. Joe Rogers 2:09.07, 6. Matthew Hobbs 2:16.25, 9. Trenton Wilson 2:19.16

200 Yard IM

3. Jared Fuller 2:25.17, 7. Jay Cox 2:35.42

50 Yard Freestyle

5. Dillinger Wilkerson 25.44, 8. Hudson Wilkerson 26.14, 20. Tarren Blackmore 29.90, 29. Ryan Galindo 37.35, 31. Michal Tomasik 38.57


1. Hudson Wilkerson 226.50, 3. Bryce Hogan 162.60

100 Yard Butterfly

3. Gavin Asay 1:04.22, 7. Ben Cannizzaro 1:09.29, 11. Matthew Hobbs 1:15.06

100 Yard Freestyle

2. Kacey Creed 54.00, 4. Joe Rogers 57.51, 17. Dallin Allred 1:13.30, 21. Michal Tomasik 1:22.11, 23. Ryan Galindo 1:29.22

500 Yard Freestyle

4. Trenton Wilson 6:15.72, 7. Ben Cannizzaro 6:29.36

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

3. Joe Rogers, Dillinger Wilkerson, Hudson Wilkerson, Kacey Creed 1:40.68, 6. Trenton Wilson, Jay Cox, Bryce Hogan and Matthew Hobbs 1:51.41, 12. Michal Tomasik, Dallin Allred, Ryan Galindo and Tarren Blackmore 2:16.80

100 Yard Backstroke

2. Richard Spann 58.90, 4. Jared Fuller 1:05.50, 15. Dallin Allred 1:32.48

100 Yard Breaststroke

1. Kacey Creed 1:06.03, 3. Dillinger Wilkerson 1:10.11, 6. Jay Cox 1:16.00, 7. Gavin Asay 1:16.10, 9. Bryce Hogen 1:20.43

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

2. Richard Spann, Dillinger Wilkerson, Joe Rogers and Jared Fuller 3:54.34, 6. Trenton Wilson, Ben Cannizzaro, Matthew Hobbs and Gavin Asay 4:16.96