Panthers drop to 0-2


Turnovers, penalties haunt PHS in 6-3 loss to Worland

In what has become a tough, hard-fought rivalry between the Powell Panthers and Worland Warriors football teams, the visiting Warriors came out on top Friday night with a 6-3 win.

The game between the two orange and black teams remained scoreless for the first three quarters before the Panthers drew first blood early in the fourth on a 26-yard field goal by sophomore Garrett Stutzman.

With 4:15 remaining in the fourth, the Warriors answered with a touchdown to take a 6-3 lead; that would prove to be enough, as Worland left with the win.

Powell had seven turnovers — five on the ground and two in the air.

“I don’t know any team that’s come out on top with seven turnovers, period,” said Panthers head coach Chanler Buck.

Buck said that, in addition to the turnovers, “it came down to field position.”

“Our second thing is special teams; we’ve got to develop a lot more consistency with our punt game and you know those two things when you have a tough football game — turnovers and field position — that’s usually a determining factor,” he said.

The Panthers moved the ball well throughout the game, but were plagued by the turnovers and untimely penalties. Despite reaching the red zone several times, penalties continued to move

Powell out of scoring range.

“You got to look at how close you are and you need to be able to teach kids and put that in their hearts so that they understand,” Buck said. “Truly and honestly we’ve got a developing football team. We’ve got a young developing football team where a lot of key positions, a lot of key roles are new starters for us and so that’s development.”

Some of those key positions include the line, quarterback and receivers.

“If we can keep those kids going, I think potential is great. And as long as we get our kids to keep that faith and to be able to take that next step forward, I think you’re going to see a growing team,” Buck said.

Buck said he saw things that were a progression from the week before as well as some new things that need work. One of the positives continues to be the front line.

On defense, Brooks Asher led the Panthers with 26 points on eight assisted tackles, five unassisted tackels, three tackles for a loss and one fumble recovery.

A.J. Lewis assisted on six tackles and had one unassisted tackle, a tackle for a loss and a fumble recovery. That went along with 17 rushes for 77 yards on the offensive side of the ball. Max Gallagher had eight assisted tackles, one unassisted tackle and two tackles for a loss.

On offense, Josh Wolfe had six carries for a total of 39 yards. Quarterback Kealan Groves completed 8 of 16 passes for a total of 43 yards.

Stutzman had four punts totaling 92 yards and one kickoff for 75 yards.

“We’ve got to go to work this next week, everybody — coaching staff and players,” Buck said. “We’ve got to be our best ... Friday.”

That’s when the Panthers will travel to Jackson for another conference game, with kick off time at 6 p.m.

“I know that they want to succeed and I know that they want to do the right thing and take the next step forward,” Buck said.