EDITORIAL: When words fail


Even though we’re writers, words don’t always come easily.

There’s no shortage of things we could write about in this space today: The Wyoming Legislature is in full swing, mulling everything from new taxes to guns in schools; meanwhile, the president continues to take our country in some drastically different directions.

But all of those issues seem awfully trivial this week.

Our hearts are broken for a friend and dear colleague, Gib Mathers, who went missing on the North Fork last week. He was last seen doing something he loved: Being outdoors and snapping photos of a beautiful landscape.

Beyond being a talented and colorful writer, an exceptionally hard worker and a lover of nature, Gib has been someone who’s always ready to go out of his way to help his friends and others.

The Powell community is also heartbroken after losing its mayor on Saturday. Don Hillman was not just Powell’s mayor — he was a champion for our small community, and he loved this town. He also was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend to many.

We could try to write more about these men and others who’ve recently passed on — or jot down some thoughts on the fleeting nature of life and the value of each moment. But for now, it seems more fitting to observe a moment of silence in their honor.


Because we don’t have the words.