EDITORIAL: Pausing to pray for Las Vegas


We awoke Monday morning to the horrific news: More than 50 people were killed and over 400 wounded in a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The shooting is believed to be the worst in modern American history.

Unlike some of the recent acts of mass murder, there was not a readily apparent motive behind the shooter’s actions. But regardless of what authorities ultimately find, there is nothing that will make sense of a truly senseless act of evil.

Let’s pause for a moment to pray for the victims, their families, the city of Las Vegas and our country.

In the days to come, we’ll need to have serious conversations about these mass shootings afflicting our nation. Surely there is something we can do to prevent some of these tragedies and to save lives. The collective hurt that we feel as Americans today — which pales in comparison to the grief being felt by thousands of friends and family members of the victims — is just too great. And the losses are almost incalculable: How many children must now grow up without their fathers, mothers or grandparents? How many parents lost their beloved children? How many people will be robbed of their hobbies or careers as a result of their injuries?

While it is impossible to stamp out evil, we hope that our country hasn’t thrown up its hands and given up on trying to find ways to protect innocent lives.

But we also hope that our fellow Americans can resist the urge to immediately use this tragedy to bolster their usual political talking points.

For now, let’s remember the victims in Las Vegas, get to know their names and pray for their families and friends during this time of unimaginable pain and loss.

And let’s hold our own loved ones closer today.