EDITORIAL: Don’t wait until 2018 to seek better health


People often complain about the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

But there is one upside to frantically running around town in preparation for gift exchanges, parties and other Christmas tasks: you’re getting some exercise.

It’s easy to get outdoors and stretch your legs in Wyoming’s spring, summer and fall. Our scenery is beautiful and, generally speaking, so is the weather. But things change in the winter, when the temperatures get so cold that even cars are reluctant to start moving.

As we head into this winter season, we’d suggest looking for ways to stay active. In fact, it’s probably worth taking a break from all that bustle to actually focus on your health (as well as your family, friends and the real reason for the season).

With the outdoors becoming increasingly unpleasant — and blanket-covered TV-watching becoming more and more appealing — now is the time when you may need to make a conscious effort to get enough exercise.

Medical experts say staying active is tied to a multitude of good things — better moods, better sleep, better memory and less risk of developing chronic diseases, not to mention helping with weight loss and strength.

If you’re not one to venture out into the cold, that’s not a great excuse; Powell offers several opportunities for indoor exercise, with multiple gyms, an aquatic center, classes and trainers available around town.

Winter also brings more illness, as flu season is about to literally hit “fever” pitch. If you haven’t received a flu shot already, medical experts generally advise that you get one, to lower your risk of catching the flu and/or passing it on to others. Washing your hands often is one of the easy steps you can take to help protect yourself.

Today’s Tribune includes a “Holiday Health and Fitness Edition” that features several stories and other bits of information about staying healthy.

While many people wait until the start of the New Year to set resolutions about better health, we’d suggest there’s no reason to wait. Whether it’s making a point to walk more, cutting back on unhealthy foods or quitting smoking, why not start now? You’ll feel better that you did — and it’s a gift that will keep on giving, all year-round.