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Tom Lawrence

Well, sure, I knew who former Sen. Alan Simpson is.

The colorful Simpson is famed across the nation for his political skills, quick wit and moderate Republican politics. A political junkie like me is well aware of the Wyoming Republican, who has been on the national scene for 35 years, including a cameo in the great political comedy “Dave.”

It once was a place of great shame, a site of a terrible wrong done by the American government to thousands of its loyal citizens.

This will be the first year I can’t see or call my dad on Father’s Day.

Dad died in February at 92. While I can’t wish him a good dad’s day, I can hold dear the thousands of memories I have of him.

June 13, 2013 9:15 am

EDITORIAL: Thumbs up and down

Thumbs up to the capture of Paul Cardwell, the former health care CEO who reportedly masterminded a scheme to steal nearly $1.7 million from a pair of hospitals, one in Powell, the other in Indiana.

The Powell City Council is headed in the right direction with its proposal to enforce a city ordinance prohibiting parking within 40 feet of intersecting sidewalks or streets.

Do large vehicles parked too close to intersections impede traffic and create dangerous scenarios for drivers and pedestrians in Powell?

My close encounter with Wyoming finally arrived last week.

I first came to the Cowboy State in 1978, while on a trip to the Black Hills in my native South Dakota. Some friends wanted to buy Coors beer, which wasn’t legally allowed in our state, so we darted across the line.

The announcement that Wyoming’s congressional delegation supports a Congressional Gold Medal for the fabled Devil’s Brigade was welcome news.

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