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September 11, 2008 4:36 am

Learn how to help kids in our community

Written by Tribune Staff

Today, Sept. 16, is Step Up for Kids Day.

Step Up for Kids Day was created by the Every Child Matters Fund, a non-partisan, non-profit group whose mission is to make the needs of children, youth and families a national political priority.

The group focuses on making politicians aware of issues affecting children and families.

Nearly every state in the union is hosting a Step Up for Kids Day event. The First Lady of Wyoming, Nancy Freudenthal, is speaking in Cheyenne, along with former district court judge Gary Hartman, who is currently the governor's advisor on juvenile justice.

Additionally, 12 of the 23 Wyoming counties have plans to recognize the day in a variety of ways.

Child advocates in Park County have asked people to wear red on Step Up for Kids Day to show a commitment to learning about issues facing our children.

Too many Park County children live in poverty, face abuse and neglect and are uninsured.

It's sometimes all too easy to lull ourselves into believing these things are only problems in other places.

The sober truth is that's not the case.

So today, wear red for Step Up for Kids Day — then commit to learning what you can do to make life better for kids in our community.

Let candidates for office know that we demand they pay attention to issues facing young people.

And on an individual basis, the options are many: We can mentor, volunteer at a school or a food bank, or take in a foster child, among other things.

We should all do something. Our future depends on how our kids are raised today.