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EDITORIAL: Powell has plenty to be thankful for

It’s something of a time-honored tradition to go around the Thanksgiving table and ask everyone to share something they’re thankful for. But why stop here? Why not try to share something you’re thankful for as you go around the community?

When new 70 mph speed limit signs went up on highways throughout Wyoming earlier this year, many drivers rejoiced. But not everyone was thrilled with the higher speed limit, especially along U.S. Highway 14/16/20 in the Wapiti Valley.

The 2016 election is one week behind us today.

The years-long pre-election buildup to this election was certainly one of the most divisive, and perhaps the most divisive, in the United States’ 240-year history of representative democracy.

On Tuesday, you (hopefully) voted in the election. Yesterday, you may have mourned or celebrated the results.

Today, you may be wondering, “Now what?”

After an incredibly long election season, many of us are tired of hearing the names Trump and Clinton.

So instead of giving them more ink on Election Day, we want to recognize Harold Dugger, Darrell Dean Urbanski, Anthony Domingo Duram and Roger L. Scott.

Let’s face it. Infrastructure isn’t exciting. It’s often unremarkable or out of sight, and it can be overlooked.

The bad news about this election is obvious: at the top of the ballot, running to be the next President of the United States, you’ll find a set of candidates who, for many, don’t inspire much confidence.

We’ve heard people say they don’t really like either of the two major party candidates and plan to “hold their nose” when casting their ballots.

EDITORIAL: A tax worth supporting

Taxes are about as popular as wolves in Park County.

When the Park County Commission was asked last week to support a legislative rider that would delist gray wolves in Wyoming and prohibit further litigation, commissioners enthusiastically signed on the dotted line.

For even the most ambitious citizens and media outlets, it’s nearly impossible to keep tabs on every single arm of local government.

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