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Many of us have had friends and loved ones who have served America in one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces. And we are thankful for their service, and the service of other veterans, to this country.

May has proven to be a deadly month on Wyoming’s highways.

Within seven days, seven people were killed in motor vehicle crashes around the state. One of those wrecks happened close to home: A Northwest College student and two French tourists were killed in a head-on collision south of Meeteetse on May 8.

It often seems that if the words “public lands” appear in this newspaper, it’s in the context of some kind of controversy.

They’re often scorned, ridiculed and under-appreciated. They’re also often our first, last and only line of defense against the dark underbelly of a community, serving as watchdogs, domestic dispute referees and the voice of reason during highly-charged situations and events. They respond to fire calls and car crashes, offer directions to lost motorists and assist during events like parades and funeral processions. They’re a constant and reassuring presence whenever large groups of people are assembled, whether it’s at sporting events or county fairs.

Oil and natural gas production and prices have bounced back in Wyoming. In Park County, it looks like our property tax base grew by perhaps 12 percent last year, spurred in large part by more mineral production, though also by rising home values.

A nurse’s role often comes full circle in a person’s life.

For most of us, when we took our first breaths of air, a nurse was nearby, providing care and comfort.

Wyomingites often have a love-hate relationship with tourists.

Gun ownership has been an intimidating topic of late — one that, because of recent tragedies, has taken a seat at the forefront of national and statewide debate.

Campaign season is arriving in Park County and Wyoming. With each passing day, more people announce their intentions to run for public office.

Warm weather finally arrived over the weekend with lawnmowers running, kids playing outside, birds tweeting and another familiar sound filling the air: fire sirens.

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