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A beautiful spring Tuesday in 2004 took a sudden turn when flames engulfed Bridger Hall.

The great thing about this time of year is the holiday spirit prompting our generous citizenry to give until it hurts. When I was on the board of the Humane Society, we always appealed to the public for financial aid for our needy animals during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. That’s America.

Like any other year, the months since we last celebrated Thanksgiving have been full of ups and downs.

As occasionally happens, a myriad of unexpressed thoughts jumble my mind until a substance resembling guacamole begins oozing from my ears. So I’ll utilize my release valve known as the Powell Trib. Let’s begin:

Growing up, I was a slender kid, believe it or not. But, sadly, I’ve never been athletic. I was often the last girl to be picked for a team to play anything in PE classes — softball, volleyball, whatever.

Well, my side didn’t do so well last week.

After two weeks of nearly non-stop research, this is how I believe we arrived at the Willwood Dam/Shoshone River 200,000 cubic yard silt spill, ecological disaster and fish kill of 2016 — and how we might proceed.

MY LOUSY WORLD: An appropriate funeral

It was a somber, cancer weekend days before Halloween, and nothing is more ghoulish than cancer. I attended my brother Paul’s wonderful wife Shelia’s (Claudson) funeral and later that evening, a cancer benefit for sweet Teri (Barhaugh) Patton.

AMEND CORNER: Why I won’t vote for Trump

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a column is just getting started.

This is one of those times.

Everyone is concerned about government corruption, yet seems oblivious to what’s going on in our funnies. Someone needs to look into possible “pay for play” corruption there.

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