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Las Vegas has not been good to me. She’s an uncaring, self-absorbed mistress, yet I love her like no other.

Elk hunting holds a special place in my heart because elk was the first animal I pursued as a hunter. I harvested my first cow elk at the age of 12; last fall — 18 years later — I would harvest my first bull elk.

Ever since November, Republicans have been gloating about what they would do when they took office.

AMEND CORNER: When sorrows come …

There’s an old saying that trouble comes in threes.

It’s a bit of superstition that has no basis in fact, of course. Still, there are times when life sends us one sad event after another, which is what happened to me in recent weeks. This time, though the troubles came in a group of four.

I wish Gib was writing this column.

That’s not only because I miss him, but because he had a certain way with words.

If you’re acutely-astute, you probably noticed it’s not my photo. Actually, a handsome, successful, young friend gracefully agreed to substitute his photo in lieu of my haircut next week. Like you, I’ve grown repulsed by my bedraggled, outdated photo.

The state of our politics makes it pretty easy to write an opinion column these days.

MY LOUSY WORLD: A good brother remembered

By the time you read this, my brother Paul will already be gone. He’ll be missed, but I’m comforted knowing he’s gone to a better place.

SUCH IS LIFE: Becoming a Baker

Before starting kindergarten, I learned how to spell my last name. For a 5-year-old, stringing together the letters S-C-H-W-E-I-G-E-R-T can be a challenge. So, my parents helped prepare me for the task. Incidentally, my dad also taught my siblings and I how to say the alphabet backward as well as forward before entering kindergarten, but that’s another story.

Once upon a time, there was a cartoon superhero who worked to advance truth, justice and the American Way.

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