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AMEND CORNER: Counting my blessings

It is that time of year once again.

This week features the day we Americans call Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing it ever since Abraham Lincoln called for such a day in the middle of our Civil War

OUTDOOR REPORT: On the brakes

My attempt to fix my car nearly killed me

If you have a small plumbing chore to do and want it to be a huge job, give me a call. Need some painting done and would also like to replace freshly ruined carpeting? I’m your man. But I’ve rarely offered, nor have I been asked to help with auto repairs. I’m simply not equipped.

AMEND CORNER: Lying about history

An old lie about one of humanity’s worst episodes in the last century apparently made an appearance at the University of Wyoming last week in the form of fliers denying the Holocaust. The fliers claim that Nazi attempts by the German government to exterminate all Jews during World War II never happened.

MY LOUSY WORLD: A bit of perspective

It’s again time for some uncannily brilliant observances and a column revisit or two. As you know, once I get started on these mini-manifestos there’s no stopping me, so it’s best to just stand back and let me finish.

MY LOUSY WORLD: Gunning for common sense

Just days after Lincoln Reese, my three nephews and I left Vegas this March, a nutcase on a bus opened fire, killing a guy and shutting down the Bellagio casino where we placed most of our basketball bets. Luckily, the weirdo only had a pistol.

AMEND CORNER: I should have learned Swahili

If I have one regret in life, it’s that I am totally monolingual.

MY LOUSY WORLD: Only the healthy die young

It’s not popular to discuss mortality since few of us will escape eventually dying, and even fewer will reach the age of Methuselah who died unexpectedly at 969. But we all secretly wonder when our number might be called.

AMEND CORNER: My fall reading list

Back in 1950, I embarked on the good ship “School” in search of adventures and found a treasure called “reading.”

Snug in a warm bed during my first week in Wyoming, I woke to an early call.

AMEND CORNER: Respect, offense and protest

It’s been a week since the big hoo-ha over a protest staged by a bunch of professional football players during the playing of the national anthem before the week’s NFL games.

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