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We’re entering 2016 with a bit more trepidation than is usual when a new year rolls around.

MY LOUSY WORLD: The Bonehead Hall of Fame

favorite Simpsons character is Sideshow Bob, a cerebral, spike-haired convict obsessed with killing Bart for sending him to prison. Sideshow has a recurring habit of stepping on rakes with the handles smacking him in the face. Once at a rake factory, he must have stepped on 20 in succession, muttering under his breath each time.

It’s the end of 2015, the year the classic film “Back to the Future 2” took place is now completely in the past.

So now what?

Christmas songs, stories, movies, and TV specials often depict amazing situations and call them “Christmas miracles.” But, those “miracles” aren’t always works of fiction — sometimes they are just as real as the reason for the season. 

I’ve often said that the best part of Christmas is music.

Exactly 30 years ago last Sunday, I was privileged to do something I had always wanted to do, but never thought I would have the opportunity.

Many have urged me to write a “bad-luck biography” of the unlikely, maddening events that transpire in my life. And I would, but I’m convinced everyone just assumes I make this stuff up for laughs.

AMEND CORNER: Who is the real terrorist?

imagine nearly all of you have heard about Karen Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who claims she is the victim of religious persecution because the courts require her to issue marriages to gay couples.

The holidays are here for us to gain inspiration from our neighbors — people we know and respect who strive to make the holidays and life throughout the year better for those around us.

good song lyric is worth a thousand pictures. Particularly those of my beloved golden-oldies that can suddenly grab me, shake me, and throw me right back into a distant place and time I was fairly certain I never wanted to visit again. But once the melodious transportation is complete, I’m almost happy to be sad again.

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