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People lie a lot, but some are better at it than others.

I’d like to voice a few opinions about sports, but in no way should that Brett Favre-looking sports reporter, Dan Hoehne, feel threatened. Dan obviously knows his stuff, and I too had Major League baseball dreams since age 9. In fact, I wore a No. 9 T-shirt, mimicking my Pittsburgh Pirate hero, Bill Mazeroski.

I was going to write about the abysmal voter turnout in the 2012 primaries and urge everyone to go vote today but there’s not much more to say.

The other day, I learned a bit of Wyoming history I had never heard of before.

I have unexpectedly come to an impasse with one of my most hated rivals. Finally I found a reason to love spellcheck. My tiny, Pantech phone didn’t have it, but did have a feature known as “Call Grating.” It would constantly dial or text people without my knowledge and certainly without my consent.

Normally I avoid politics like the plague. Tempers flare up, people argue and it just makes a great big mess when all either side of the conversation wants is for America to be the best that it can be.

Recently, I’ve been wondering if the universe is out of whack.

It’s pretty common to get asked how journalists come up with stories and the truth is that we don’t — you guys come up with them and we just write them down.

We’re at the peak of Cowboy Christmas, that magical time of the year when rodeos are plentiful, prize money is high and the arenas are packed — and many of those fans may be wondering how to get into the sport of rodeo.

AMEND CORNER: Taking the long road

It has been a bit longer than usual since my last words of questionable wisdom graced this space in the Tribune, which might have made you wonder if I had died or something, especially since I am a few years past my “best used by” date.

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