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We’re at the peak of Cowboy Christmas, that magical time of the year when rodeos are plentiful, prize money is high and the arenas are packed — and many of those fans may be wondering how to get into the sport of rodeo.

AMEND CORNER: Taking the long road

It has been a bit longer than usual since my last words of questionable wisdom graced this space in the Tribune, which might have made you wonder if I had died or something, especially since I am a few years past my “best used by” date.

It was a typical Monday night as I finished up working on a side job. Ben, my significant other, was watching a car show on TV and the dogs were outside doing their business before getting ready for bed. We heard our dogs, Clyde and Lucy, bark at a car that hit the rumble strips on the highway that runs in front of our house. 

After a mass killing in Florida, Congress remains mired in a bitter bipartisan standstill, despite overwhelming support by everyday Americans to toughen gun laws.

Writing editorials every third edition of the Tribune is tough — not because I don’t have strong opinions, but because the things I am passionate about are of no consequence to anyone.

Last week I decided it might be a good time to drop out for a few days. So I did.

Some people assume because I have a certain flair for writing and a sometimes-bizarre, unconventional translation of everyday events, I must be highly intelligent. Many others are convinced I’m “special” in an entirely different kind of way, since I possess the inherited Blough forgetful gene and mechanical skills of a penguin. I’m sure Norm and Vickie Nichols fall securely into that latter category.

One of those inspirational videos popped up on my Facebook feed recently — you know the kind, with white text on a black background above and below the video declaring it to be life-changing as someone urges viewers to do everything they can to achieve their dreams.

In case you missed it, the big news in recent weeks was the death of the Republican Party, and Donald Trump’s supporters are responsible.

I often get asked about what I do to stay in shape despite having a pretty sedentary job, and the response varies from “that’s insane” to “I can definitely do that.”

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