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Don Amend

I am, admittedly, a congenitally loquacious person. To put it more simply, when I came into the world back in 1944, I came equipped with a big mouth. Moreover, I inherited little control over my mouth, and six years later, I inaugurated the first day of the 1950-51 school year by talking when I shouldn’t — earning a scolding from the teacher before she let me join the crowd at recess.

Two or three columns ago, I regaled you readers with my current reading habits.

It is that time of year once again.

This week features the day we Americans call Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing it ever since Abraham Lincoln called for such a day in the middle of our Civil War

An old lie about one of humanity’s worst episodes in the last century apparently made an appearance at the University of Wyoming last week in the form of fliers denying the Holocaust. The fliers claim that Nazi attempts by the German government to exterminate all Jews during World War II never happened.

If I have one regret in life, it’s that I am totally monolingual.

Back in 1950, I embarked on the good ship “School” in search of adventures and found a treasure called “reading.”

It’s been a week since the big hoo-ha over a protest staged by a bunch of professional football players during the playing of the national anthem before the week’s NFL games.

Apparently, summer is over.

We must have seen the end of summer, because we’ve had three days of overcast skies, cool temperatures and rainy skies. That sounds like fall to me, and I thought it was, until our daughter and her cousin out in Minnesota complained via Facebook that it’s way hot out there in the flatlands. They have been talking about 90s and heat advisories the last few days.

Demonstrating against something or somebody isn’t as American as apple pie. It’s much more American than a mere pastry.

I am writing this column as a foreign correspondent this week.

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