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SPORTS GUY: The Christmas list for 2010

It was the Wednesday before Christmas at the Powell Tribune. The Sports Guy looked up and he felt himself swoon.

“My goodness,” he exclaimed, “it’s the month of December. Christmas is near! How could I not remember?”

The time had arrived once again to spread holiday cheer, and give appropriate gifts from the 2010 sporting year.

So few shopping days are left and there’s such little time. It all flies by so quickly when you put it to rhyme.

Let’s start with the Panthers at good ol’ Powell High. Hey, Santa, give them a team jet on which the athletic teams can fly.

With conference games soon coming at Green River and Star Valley, those road miles will add up. I mean, they really will tally.

The fastest way from Point A to Point B they say is a straight line. So let’s take to the skies (and miss much less class time).

Speaking of soaring in the sky, imagine the way senior Kyle Sullivan’s eyes will shine with glee, when he opens a box to find state high jump title number three.

Forget about the doll, or the whip that goes crack, on behalf of all fans, I’m ordering warmer weather for this year’s state track.

Coach Boos needs more girls for another state title cross country run. Coach Urbach could use some more state wrestling championship fun.

At NWC, Rob Hill’s always on the lookout for soccer lads and lasses. So for his still-budding program a couple very strong recruiting classes.

And if you really want to see about 12 sets of eyes start to gleam, stuff the Trappers’ stocking with a prodigy to coach the NWC volleyball team.

Someone positive and confident who helps keep the sport fun. But also the person to continue the school’s national top 25 run.

Gag gifts are always amusing, so for the Yellowstone Quake here’s the new play-at-home edition of “Can You Spot the Fake?”

That might be piling on after the saga of Anthony Tocco, but you’ve got to admit that whole situation was really quite loco.

For Powell’s baseball teams only one gift truly makes sense — another late-summer trip to more regional tournament events.

For Lebron James this New Year there one holiday need. You’re one of the NBA’s best, but show a little less greed.

Just play your game and see how high your career goes. Say no if your agent suggests “look at me” television shows.

Here’s a BCS title for the Oregon Ducks’ “Quack Attack.” It’ll save Auburn the dilemma of winning then having to give it right back.

Another college football gift that seems needed like never before is to install the Mountain West Conference a revolving door.

With Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii and Nevada in while TCU, BYU and Utah are out, it is enough to make a casual fan’s head spin about.

Because I can’t remember, and I’m sure neither do you, if this school’s affiliated with that school or what one’s with who.

So many changes are coming over the next two years, that The Sports Guy has developed the most acute of fears.

I’m terrified of grabbing my remote at home every night. I just know I’ll turn on ESPN and find out Wyoming’s now part of WAC Lite.

For the Minnesota Vikings’ Brett Farve only one present is required. Does stock the “For Dummies” edition of “Staying Retired”?

And for you, faithful reader, for taking your time to read the words written here, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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