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Humidity: 53%

Wind: 18 mph

Tom Lawrence

warm night in February is a rare thing in Park County. A hot game between Powell and Cody is not.

Temperature jumps 18 degrees in an hour Thursday evening

A warm wind blew through Powell Thursday evening, pushing temperatures up by nearly 20 degrees in an hour and setting a tone for an unusually warm winter weekend.

After two years of effort, proposed revisions to zoning in Powell came before the City Council Monday night, but the council did not act on it.

Thumbs down to HB 232, a really bad idea that is getting a look during the current legislative session in Cheyenne.

Boys hammer Pinedale by 30, ease past Mountain View by 12

It was the fourth quarter of a conference basketball game, and the four seniors on the Powell High School Panthers boys basketball team were enjoying the contest.

From the bench, that is.

Big Horn Basin farmers couldn’t wait to get 2014 behind them.

It was a difficult year from the start, with a wet spring that kept them out of their fields, delaying planting. A cooler-than-normal summer prevented crops from reaching their full potential, and a hard early frost on Sept. 12-13 just added to the misery. Continued high and low swings in the winter damaged the beet crop.

Former Wyoming Sen. Al Simpson supports former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for president.

“He is an executive,” Simpson said. “He administered a state. He has a remarkably facile mind and would outclass them all in a debate. Some are just lightweights, anyway.”

Thumbs up to Damian Dicks, who is the new chief of the Powell Volunteer Fire Department.

Dicks, a 12-year veteran of the department, had been the assistant chief for three years. At the end of 2014, firefighters elected him chief.

PHS 6-6 on season; will host pair of contests this weekend

It was a split decision.

started the morning with a cold shower, which should have been a heads-up: This was going to be an unpleasant day.

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