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Final version still months away

Work continues in Congress on the 2012 Farm Bill, which in its current form may change some payment practices for agricultural operations such as farms and ranches.

ADM officials won’t comment on rumored closing

Officials at ADM will not say whether the company’s dry bean receiving station at Garland is scheduled to close.

At least one local grower has heard from ADM that the Garland receiving station would close and dry beans harvested locally would be directed to the Burlington plant. ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) is the parent company of both facilities.

Record crop of sugar beets being processed at Lovell factory

Western Sugar officials plan to finish delivering sugar beets to the Lovell factory in the first part of March.

Randall Jobman of Western Sugar Cooperative said the rehaul of beets from receiving stations in the Lovell factory district, which includes Powell, took longer after the record 2011 harvest. Now only a few weeks remain of taking beets to the factory.

USDA officials announced this week they will close offices and trim services across the country, but the USDA Service Center just outside the Powell city limits will remain open.

The only local change is that the Rural Development Agency will stop renting office space in the building. Rural Development Agency staff members travel occasionally from Worland to meet clients in Powell, but an agency spokeswoman said those meetings can be arranged elsewhere.

“We will continue to provide that service” to Powell clients, said Jan Hoskinson, public information coordinator for the Rural Development Agency in Casper.

December better have broad shoulders and a thick skin.

You could argue that no other month is called on to produce so much — clear days, frosty nights, festive holiday parties, a feeling of brotherhood and peace on earth — not to mention a beautiful snowfall right on cue for Christmas Eve.

USDA: Farm land average value $540 per acre

The good news is that agricultural land is increasing in value in Park County and Wyoming.

Late moisture boosts beets to average 28.8 tons per acre

The inch of rain that fell in early October frustrated sugar beet growers who were trying to haul beets from their fields.

Brence quadruplets join kindergarten classes at Westside Elementary school

Kindergarten school supplies list: Eight boxes of crayons, 48 sharpened pencils, 48 glue sticks, eight erasers, eight boxes of tissue.

And that’s not for an entire Westside Elementary classroom. That’s just the Brence quadruplets, heading off to their first year of school.

The story of the 2011 Junior Livestock Sale comes down to the numbers.

The  auction, the conclusion of livestock events at the Park County Fair, featured more 4-H and FFA members selling animals than last year. Livestock sale chairman Joe Bridges said although the sale netted about $14,000 more than last year’s $276,000 sale, more sellers means the average sale meant less money for individual sellers.

A cold winter followed by a rainy, wet spring has delayed planting of some crops, although the extra moisture is helping sugar beets, barley, oats and other crops already in the ground.

“We’re on track for a nice crop,” said Mark Bjornestad, Western Sugar Cooperative field man. “Yeah, it’s a little bit later than normal” but if conditions stay favorable, the plants will catch up.

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