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Don Amend

During my lifetime, I haven’t had much contact with famous people. In other words, I haven’t exchanged handshakes and howdy-dos with anybody that gets more attention than we non-famous people. I’m not sure just who should be considered famous, but I know them when I see them.

battle has developed in Cody over a set of textbooks the school intends to adopt.

Sometimes, producing this column comes easily.

Last week, it didn’t. I rewrote the last three paragraphs at least half a dozen times before submitting them with what turned out to be a flawed sentence.

Many years ago, I watched a sheriff shoot a black man who was running away from him. The incident was troubling because the sheriff shot the man in the back, and because the man had not committed a serious crime, but he ran because he knew he would be treated badly anyway if he were arrested. So he ran from the sheriff and was shot simply because he was afraid.

It’s been rather busy around here the last few days.

On March 28, spring invaded our humble abode in the form of two energetic short people. 

As those of you who read this column probably have noticed, I make mistakes from time to time.

It’s no doubt impolite to laugh when a person gives you his name, but I did that just that during a phone call a few days ago.

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