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Don Amend

As those of you who read this column probably have noticed, I make mistakes from time to time.

It’s no doubt impolite to laugh when a person gives you his name, but I did that just that during a phone call a few days ago.

few columns ago, I spoke of my labors toward digitizing all of my old vinyl LPs.

One thing I’ve learned while writing this column is that, once in a while, I am going to be embarrassed.

enjoy Christmas.

Oh, I’ll admit that all the hustle and bustle in the name of Christmas rouses my inner Grinch and makes me a bit grouchy.

My past seems to be coming back to haunt me the past couple of years.

It’s Sunday evening as I write this, and writing a column is not what I anticipated I would be doing right now.

My plan was to be doing just the opposite, relaxing with a book, a cup of tea and a little soft music. I could do that because I had a column all ready to turn in.

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