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Don Amend

It seems that I have been lied to by thousands of scientists, educators, and government officials.

If you have been in the habit of reading The Amend Corner over the last dozen or so years, you probably have noticed that it has been absent for the past month.

As if we didn’t have enough violence in this country today, somebody had to take a shot at politicians preparing to play baseball.

In case you missed it, a big protest march took place here in the U.S. last Saturday.

Our president promised to “Make America great again” during his campaign.

Well, nearly five months into his term, he doesn’t seem to have made much progress. In fact, we may actually have gone backward in some areas.

I’ve seen a lot of blood in recent days.

Don’t worry; the “blood” has not been the real thing. I have seen most of it on a video screen, courtesy of Netflix, and most of it was in black and white, so there wasn’t a lot of red. The rest I’ve read about, also in black and white, in a couple of books.

If you have been paying attention to the news out of Washington in recent days, we recently experienced the end of the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

I don’t sing much anymore.

It’s not that I don’t want to sing. I have always enjoyed singing, but my voice just doesn’t wish to cooperate in the activity. Sometimes it works like a pipe organ, where birds have nested in some of the pipes so my voice can’t hit those notes. Eventually, the birds fly off, leaving the proverbial frog who often visits my throat and adds his croak to my tones.

Well, it’s time to put on my loyal opposition hat again and talk about politics.

Ever since November, Republicans have been gloating about what they would do when they took office.

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