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Don Amend

There’s nothing like a reunion to make you think about the past.

Oddly enough, such a gathering is also inducive to thinking about the present as well.

Once, on the old “Happy Days”  show, the ever-cool Arthur Fonzarelli lost that cool over a girl who walked into Arnold’s, the local teen hangout.

I thought I’d write two columns in one this week, just for a change of pace.

The “this” part is a reflection on last week’s primary election, which I didn’t have much to do with, being a registered Democrat. (Actually, I became a Republican for the day, so I did participate, but don’t spread it around.)

It’s Olympics time, if you haven’t already noticed.

I noticed, although not having television makes it a little harder to do that. This year, though, NBC has offered a handy little App (which is lazy talk for application) for that trendy gadget, the iPad, and since I purchased one of those magic little devices a few months ago, I am able to look in on the Olympics.

Since I started writing this column for the Basin Republican Rustler nearly 13 years ago, I more than once have found myself writing about an act of senseless violence.

Ironically, the latest episode, in Aurora, Colo., took place less than 20 miles from the Columbine High School atrocity, the event that prompted my first column on the subject. That event hit close to home, because, at the time, I was a high school teacher. It was easy to relate to the stories and images of terrified kids and teachers trying to cope with an unimaginable horror and trying to imagine how I would have reacted had such a thing happened in my school.

The death of actor/comedian Andy Griffith recently brought the little town of Mayberry back to the minds of everybody.

Well, maybe not everybody, but it did for those of us who were watching TV back in the ‘60s, and those who spent time watching reruns since then.


It’s always fun to get a glimpse inside the mind of a 5-year-old.

Well, almost 5, anyway; the actual birthday is about a month away, but 4 11/12 years old is a bit tricky to type.

There seems to be a big controversy these days about the size of soft-drink servings.

At the center of the controversy is Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, who wants to ban servings larger than 16 ounces from being sold in the city.

In just a few days, Karen and I will observe our wedding anniversary.


One summer afternoon in 1952, I watched my mother go a bit wacko.

Mom was ironing, but she was a rather distracted by a guy on the radio who was calling off the names of the states. There was a lot of cheering after he called each name, and eventually, there was huge cheer that dissolved Mom’s anxiety into pure joy and sent her bouncing around the room in elation.

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