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Powell residents are no doubt aware of the positive impact Northwest College has on the economy of Powell, but they may not be aware of the size of that impact.

Now, thanks to a recent independent study into the role NWC and other Wyoming community colleges play in the state, we can see just how much the college means, not only to Powell, but to the rest of Park County as well as Big Horn and Washakie counties as well.

This year, Memorial Day comes amid a flurry of efforts to honor our veterans.

In recent months, Gov. Matt Mead has traveled to Park County specifically to meet veterans, particularly those who fought in Vietnam and Korea, and thank them for their service.

A high snowpack, a cool spring and recent storms have produced an unusual situation in Wyoming and Montana: way too much water.

As a result, Bureau of Reclamation officials are scrambling to balance the need to slow flooding down stream with the need to clear reservoir space in expectation of a huge run-off when the weather finally warms up.

Sunday, 94 of you will walk out of Powell High School to take on a new world. Later next week, 15 more of you will do the same when you graduate from the Shoshone Learning Center.

In our culture, graduation from high school is a major landmark on the way to adulthood, and it’s an exciting time for you graduates as you set off for new adventures and challenges. And though you probably won’t admit it, there will probably be bittersweet moments this weekend as you say goodbye to one world and prepare to enter another.

I received a call last week complaining about a political cartoon we published recently.

Well, I’m not the guy that decides what cartoon goes on the opinion page. In fact, I’m not even the guy that decides whether this column goes on the opinion page. I just write it and leave that decision to somebody else.

Powell High School has named Brittany Christensen and Jessica Wurzel as valedictorian and salutatorian of the Class of 2011.

Both seniors have maintained 4.0 grade-point averages during their four years at Powell High School, and they were chosen for the honor based on their scores on the ACT test. Both are members of the National Honor Society and have participated in the society’s service projects.

The perceived shortcomings of American public schools have made them the object of numerous reform efforts in recent years.

This is nothing new. If one looks back on the history of public education in America, it has been under attack at one time or another at least since the 19th century, sometimes for not doing enough, sometimes for doing too much.

A new organization hoping to foster economic development in Powell is forming, and it received a boost last week from the Northwest College Foundation.

The foundation board voted to commit $20,000 per year for three years from its Bill and Joanne Price Economic Development Fund, an endowment designated to provide support for Northwest College’s work in economic development in consultation with community leaders.

President Obama’s release of his birth certificate last week should finally end the silly controversy over his birth place.

Yeah, right.

Some people will never be satisfied, and they are already finding fault with the evidence submitted last week. Obama could have had Jesus himself attest to the authenticity of the certificate, and some people would still find a way to discredit it.

The county clerk’s recent decision to charge for online access to public records and the protest it drew from Realtors and others is an example of the many dilemmas faced by elected officials as they try to provide services with limited resources.

The right of the public to access some public records is a given, and it is particularly important to real estate agents and others who deal with property sales. But others, including the media, may make use of that access as well.

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