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Don Amend

If this column seems a bit disjointed, I have a good reason: my wife’s family.

Recently I came across a picture of a chimpanzee accompanied by the information that his DNA is nearly 99 percent the same as mine.

This nation just can’t seem to get over the Civil War.

It’s been more than 150 years since Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses Grant, so you would think we would have put that war in the past, but it keeps coming back.

One of the truths about life is things change, and the truth about change is that it is inevitable.

The philosopher George Santayana once began an essay on war with these words: “To fight is instinct; if men have nothing else to fight over they will fight over words, fancies, or women, or they will fight because they dislike each other’s looks, or because they have met walking in opposite directions.”

Once again, this nation finds itself confronted with the tragedy of lives ended too early by an invader who chose their school as a place to vent his rage at the world.

I’m not a genius.

I do have a pretty good memory, and I’m rather curious about the world around me, so there’s a lot of stuff stored in my brain, but just knowing a lot of stuff doesn’t mean one is a genius. You have to understand how all that stuff fits together, and you have to know when and how to employ the things you know.

From time to time, I receive feedback about this thing I do for the Tribune.

Since my last column, I have given considerable thought to our use and abuse of the English language.

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