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Don Amend

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the pipe dreams of one of our candidates for governor. Recently, he has been enlarging on his positions regarding federal land, so his intentions merit further comment.

In a recent story, Taylor Haynes was quoted as saying that he will take control of “every square inch” of Wyoming, including the national parks. If the feds don’t give up control and instead enter the state to do their jobs, he will have them arrested.

It was a good run, but the good old USA fell short in the World Cup competition last week.

I suppose that has soccer fans around Powell a bit blue this week, and maybe all those people who don’t much care for soccer but think the U.S. should win all the time are sad as well.

Being a column writer for a newspaper is fun.

How else can a guy get 20 or 30 column inches periodically to tell readers almost anything he wants to tell them. He has to be carful not to libel anybody, but otherwise he’s free to write whatever the publisher allows him to.

I’ve been perusing newspapers for as long as I can remember.

I began “reading” them in my pre-literate days, when all I could do was look at the pictures and ask my Dad to tell me why he was getting such a big laugh out of  “Pogo,” his favorite comic strip, or what Li’l Abner was saying to Daisy Mae.

Another skirmish has been fought in a continuing conflict that flares up now and then in our beloved country.

This time, the fight was over a city council’s inviting a clergyman to open their meetings with a non-sectarian prayer. This time, the supporters of prayer won, as the Supreme Court ruled that it was OK to pray as long as the prayer was really non-sectarian and the invitation to pray was sometimes granted to those who didn’t represent Protestant Christianity. 

The Republican circus continued last weekend with the failure of an effort by Republican rebels to censure Gov. Matt Mead during the party’s state convention.

The debate is all part of efforts by some Republicans to brand the governor and several members of the Legislature, including Cody’s Sen. Hank Coe, as too liberal to be Republicans.

One day last week, a mysterious package addressed to me arrived in our mailbox.

When my wife placed the the soft, squishy item marked priority mail on my lap, my immediate reaction was to try to remember what I had ordered and from whom I had ordered it. After all, I have been known to order a book or CD online, forget all about it the next day and be totally surprised when it arrives.

I revisited one of the great mysteries in life, at least so far as I’m concerned, on April 6.

I confronted this enigma at a concert featuring a tenor accompanied by a harp. For 90 minutes, I listened and watched as the harpist plucked out musical magic on a beautifully built collection of strings and pedals.

Recently, I’ve been traveling back to the television world of half a century ago.

Sometimes, a topic for this essay forces itself on me. Other times, all topics seem to head out of town, leaving me with no inspiration. Then there are weeks like this, when a topic hides in the bushes and jumps out at me.

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