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Leisure pool closed as liner repairs continue

For swimmers, it’s been a disappointedly dry summer at the Powell Aquatic Center’s leisure pool.

For three weeks, the leisure pool has been closed while repairs continue on a bubbling liner.



The leisure pool remained closed Wednesday. The facility’s eight-lane pool is open and unaffected by the closure.

“I’d like to tell you when it’s going to be open, but I’m afraid to do that anymore,” City Administrator Zane Logan told city councilmen Monday night. “We are doing it as quick as we can ... we’re just going to do the best we can. We can’t change what’s happened.”

Logan was referring to what happened last spring, when a new PVC liner was installed improperly at the facility’s continuous river and leisure pool.

The city opted for a PVC liner to cover the entire surface to remedy small aesthetic flaws. That fix has led to further repairs and headaches for the city.

Since May, the pool has been closed three times for repairs. The current closure started July 17, when crews drained the pool after small problem areas appeared beneath the liner.

“The plan was to have it open again this morning early,” Logan told councilmen Monday. “Unfortunately, late yesterday afternoon, they found a few more areas of water bubbling underneath, in the floor of the continuous river.”

Other bubbling areas were identified on a step and on the island in the center of the continuous river, he said.

“I can tell you that, obviously, the staff is more than frustrated, but I do believe the crew we got is trying to do the best they can. There’s just a lot of things to correct. Unfortunately, what we’re seeing, it was not done correctly the first time, and it’s just taking time to fix those (areas) and find them all.”

“We’re actually going to do some testing to make sure we eliminate any possibilities,” Logan added.

“So it’s drained again,” Logan said Monday. “I guess I’ll just let you know. The crew is staying here, which we did require that they not leave when we filled it last Friday, because we’ve been down this road before. So they are here, so we didn’t have to bring them back.”

Earlier this year, the council awarded a $39,775 bid for the project to RenoSys of Indianapolis, Ind.

The city has not paid RenoSys "a single penny," Logan said. RenoSys also is responsible for all of the repair costs, he added.


  • posted by clipstein

    August 10, 2012 8:17 am

    karma is hell aint it!!!!!!!!!!

  • posted by clipstein

    August 09, 2012 4:00 pm

    Yep and the one person who stood up and said no in the first place as the sales tax cost the town plenty of business.

    then with all the extra's no way. then the contractor or both of them were friends and relatives..... no way.... the pool was built wrong and should be the responsibility of the contractors..... at this point there is no way of saving it..Give it away as more than likely cannot even sell it.
    The samne with fiber optic.....
    Get the town back to livinig within its means. Then you might not have so many people moving away...
    Still no apologies.... Maybe you ought to reread the June 19th 2008 editoral..
    Then who needs Wetzel as County Commissioner to do the same to the county as he did to Powell

  • posted by TN

    August 09, 2012 2:26 pm

    Hmmm....whats in your wallet? Better dig deep to keep on fixing the mess some fools made.

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